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Hello! How are you? Let us ask you a question: Did you know that there is an app that makes your cellphone letters bigger? No?! Well… That’s right! Read this post until the end to know everything about it! You won’t regret it!

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Smartphones are equipped with some impressive accessibility features, right? However, the learning curve required to understand and integrate these features into everyday life can be daunting.

The scare comes because of frequent updates and news. Some people, especially elderly users and those with low vision, may find it difficult with a complex interface.

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This is quite frequent, actually.

Because of all of this, there are programs that were specially developed to facilitate the reading of the text, simplify the controls and improve the manual interaction with the devices.

So… Let’s dive into the subject?

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What is the name of the app?

The app is called “Big Launcher”.

It is an application that adapts the Android smartphone screen to a more user-friendly interface for the elderly and people with low vision. Large, high-contrast icons provide quick access to commonly used features such as date, time, phone, email, camera, photos and an emergency contact referred to as “SOS”. Pretty cool, right?

After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, the user will be guided through the installation setup wizard, which uses a large, high-contrast print interface.

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A large green checkmark and red X are also used throughout the setup process to accept or reject displayed changes.

We have prepared a step by step for you to follow with really simple directions.

Step by step:

1. After the download, the first configuration screen is a text in English about the program conditions, which must be accepted before use.

2. Please accept the limitations of the free version.

3. Select language. For Portuguese, just leave it on automatic.

4. Choose text size from Standard, Large and Extra Large.

5. Select the most comfortable interface design from light, dark and blue.

6. Allow or disallow the deletion of calls, messages and contacts, according to your preference.

And done! Did you see how following the step by step will make your experience much easier? Just trust us!


Considering the tiny screen size of smartphones, access to mobile devices for visually impaired seniors is even more imperative.

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Big Launcher is certainly an alternative that can save the elderly from buying a new cell phone by making the most used functions of a smartphone more accessible, while maintaining a clean and easy-to-use design.

Despite their advanced age, the elderly increasingly want to participate in social activities, and applications such as the one mentioned in the text can eliminate some barriers.


So… Now that you know that there is an app that makes your cellphone letters bigger, go straight to go to Google Play Store or App StoreTry it for yourself!

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