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Know details about applications to see the duplicate of the electricity account!

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The electricity bill is a big problem in household expenses.

With changing levels of flags that can eventually cause a considerable impact on the pocket every month.

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Mainly, an option to not be scared with tickets is to monitor consumption during the days with the help of applications.

Details about the application to see the duplicate of the electricity account.

These apps can create an estimate of the consumption of specific appliances in your home and help you record the consumption numbers on the clock.

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It is important to note that these values ​​are estimates and, therefore, may present different results than the final account for different reasons.

App that gives you real-time earthquake alert

Aneel Consumer

The application of the National Electric Energy Agency has features to report power outages, make complaints and access accounts by cell phone.

It also offers the “Understand your bill” function, which details the amounts that make up your electricity bill.

Through “Know your account”, it is possible to choose the energy company of your region, report the current flag levels and enter the amount of consumption in kWH. Pretty cool, right?

Beyond that, the information you can find on your ticket or on the meter clock at your residence. The app then returns the results with an estimate of value.

Finally, the application divides the total amount and reports the expenses with each category: generation, transmission, distribution, charges and taxes.

Beyond that, simply tap on each one to find information about each of these processes.

The application also creates a graph to better visualize the percentage that each value occupies.

It is available for Android and iOS!


Sustaining is an educational app with the aim of providing information about the consumption of light and electricity in your home.

The tool allows you to calculate an estimate of consumption of the main appliances and stores all your records in a history.

To calculate the energy, the application provides a timer to understand the consumption at some point in your day.

Mainly, it is enough to enter the power of the device and follow the variation of the values, in kWH, in relation to the time of use.

What’s more, it has a field to calculate an estimate of electricity costs based on consumption queries, but it does not allow you to customize the bill with rates and flags.

For water consumption, the app allows you to calculate the flow rate per minute in showers and taps, in addition to providing the same stopwatch tool.

Sustaining also has a playground on recycling and sustainable consumption. It is available on Android devices.


CFE Suppliers

How much is my light worth? It is very easy to know with the CFE Suppliers app.

This is the application that the Federal Electricity Commission has available for its users.

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With this resource, the company intends to offer a more comfortable and avant-garde service.

No more delays in your life! You can, from your mobile device, consult and pay your bill at any time and place.

Moreover, the best thing is that you do not need to attend any branch of the company. Next, we decide how to do it.

Available on both Android and iOS!


Now that you know how to use the application to view the duplicate of your electricity bill, enjoy all the benefits technology has to offer you. To download the apps, go to  Google Play Store or App Store, and try it out!

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