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Different from Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp does not have resources to post photos with music on the Status. Even when we record the Story with music from another social network and upload it to Whats, the app recognizes the sound.

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But now it is possible to achieve the desired result, with the Clips app it is very easy to post new photos with music on WhatsApp.

Clips is a video editing app that has various music options and allows photos to be attached.

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Many apps do this video editing function and allow the effect to be done, like the app InShot for example.

Beyond that, it can be done on both iOS and Android devices, because the program is available for both versions.

Tutorial on How to take photos with music for WhatsApp status

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Follow the step by step of how to take photos with music for WhatsApp in a very simple way. Following these steps, you can’t go wrong! We guarantee it!

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Firstly, you have to download the Clips app and select the desired image and then add the music;

Click on the music icon at the top of the screen and then on the themes you want, to be able to choose the sounds suggested by the app;

Select the music, in the first moment it will download, in the second moment you will have to listen to the music and select the sound;

Go back to the previous screen by tapping on “return”, then just press “ok”;

To record the sound on the photo, you have to press the central pink icon on the screen, press for a few seconds;

After saving the photo, it will appear at the bottom of the screen, click on “Play” to see the result;

To save, click on the share icon at the bottom of the display and then on “save video”, everything will remain in the photo gallery.

How to post the photo with music in WhatsApp Status

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There are no secrets to posting the photo: All you have to do is just the same procedure to post any other content in the WhatsApp status.

Just click on Status, then on the + icon select the photo. After that, you have to click on the blue date and that’s it! Just publish the musical photo.

Mainly, there are now apps, such as iMovie, used to create video editions. These types of apps allow you to choose music directly from the device to add to the photo.

More attention, it is necessary to first download the music and then add it to the photo.

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This is because the software of these apps does not reach music directly from streaming platforms

How to make photos with music for WhatsApp status.


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