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This is a great opportunity to get to know the best applications to listen to music, and that is because we have developed a very special list for you.

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The applications to listen to music offline are essential for those who want to listen to good music.
Even when offline, we can listen to good music, because the available applications have several versions.

Many of the apps to listen to music are free and also have a premium option with a large number of songs. Pretty cool, right?

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Beyond that, streaming services allow you to download good music.

Also, audio players are a good alternative to save money, in case you have tracks recorded on the device.

Mainly, by being compatible with MP3, FLAC and several other formats, each app has a different advantage.

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Beyond all, no course is necessary and you can count on various functions of the app in the free version.

We listed some of the applications to listen to music and make your favorite playlist. Get to know the best ones!


Our list begins with one of the best known applications of the moment. Today, the Spotify application is one of the most used platforms in the world, with a large number of users.


Mainly, because it is currently the two most popular streaming services, with 50 million songs. Inside all the advantages can also be heard when there is no connection available.

You can download songs on your cell phone and take advantage of much more of your favorite songs.

Beyond that, you can have access to several podcasts offered only for those who have an account or plan. The Spotify app is available on Android and iOS. Enjoy the best music app on the internet!


In case you want to save your mobile data you can download music on Deezer, with the premium version of Deezer you can use the app offline. What’s more, Deezer is a very complete app, with a huge list of current and old music.

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Very intuitive, complete and recommended by all users, it is an extremely popular application. Beyond everything, with more than 90 million songs, you can accompany your favorite songs with the lyrics.

Mainly, when it comes to applications to listen to good music, you can count on Deezer.
Available on Android and iOS experience and discover the best of Deezer.

Apple Music

The streaming platforms that offer music downloads to listen to offline is Apple Music. Platform users can record music, albums, playlists and other content to listen to without the need for a connection.

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The functions can be found in the apps for Android and iOS, always in the best versions. One of the advantages of this app is having a complete playlist, with all current and older songs. Beyond all that, the Apple Music app also works as a mobile music stand.

Best applications to listen to music.

Mainly, if you like to listen to music all day, you can count on Apple Music.


We hope you liked our article about applications to listen to music and we hope you learned more about the best applications to listen to music available on the web. Go to  Google Play Store or App Store and try out the apps!

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