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Knowing how to play a musical instrument is the dream of many people, isn’t it? Being able to play your favorite songs in a circle of friends or family can be very cool and exciting. Do you know you can learn how to play guitar on your cellphone?

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That’s right!

Currently there are applications that can teach you, in a very easy way, how to play the guitar on your cellphone.

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Thus, you use technology to your advantage and can learn to play an instrument in your spare time without having to leave your home.

Being able to play an instrument can have great benefits for you, from a hobby to get your head around to something you can develop a profession in.

As the music world is quite broad, with many varieties of genres and tones, everyone can feel included and welcome.

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From something as delicate as a piano lullaby to heavier rock ‘n roll, we can see how the music varies.

So… we’ve made a list of some apps that can teach you how to play the guitar beautifully on your cell phone. Don’t waste any more time and impress your acquaintances anytime you want!

And now, are you interested in our list and how you can learn to play an instrument the easy way? Let’s check it out!


The SimplyGuitar app works on both iOS and Android devices and is a complete platform for learning to play the guitar, with video lessons, a program divided into modules, reinforcement exercises and its own tuner…

That is everything a person needs to learn the instrument! The lesson plan is tailored to your instrument, with variations for acoustic guitar or electric guitar.

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So you can choose which of the two you will learn. The first module of the SimplyGuitar app is offered for free as a trial, and to unlock the full content, you also need to purchase a paid subscription.


The Yousician app is also compatible with iOS and Android and has lessons to learn to play guitar, guitar, bass and ukulele. Lots of variations, right?

In addition, the app has a step-by-step collection to start playing popular songs, which is very exciting for people who are just starting to learn to play an instrument.

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This app is also compatible with iOS and Android devices and features lesson modules for beginners, intermediates and advanced students, with video lessons and daily practices lasting 10 minutes.

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That’s very little time compared to what you have available.


Firstly, to download the applications mentioned above, go to Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy what technology has to offer you.

So… We really hope you enjoyed the post and enjoy the tips to learn to play your favorite instrument. See you next time! Bye bye!