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In one way or another, martial arts are always present in our daily lives. Discover the most lethal martial arts in the world.

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Some are more lethal than others, but we see martial arts in movies, or in gyms near our homes. But we are somehow in contact with them.

Now we still have the UFC championships with mixed martial arts right in front of our eyes. In this way, we are even more acquainted with the martial arts.

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Let’s get to know the most lethal martial arts in the world.


Born in Cambodia over a thousand years ago, Bokator resembles Muay Thai Boran in its style. If we did a translation of the name Bokator it would be something like beating a lion.

His punches are very blunt, with his knees and elbows. There are no Bokator championships due to the force of their blows, after all blows can even kill.

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At first, some armed forces end up developing their own fighting style, or appropriating one. The armed forces are the ones that most used the combat that was created in the year 1900.

Combato was developed by Bill Underwood and heavily used by the Canadian Armed Forces. As it is a very violent art, the creator decided not to pass on his teachings.

Shippalgi (Sib Pal Gi)

What is the Super Bowl?


Better known as “the eighteen paths”, at first, its goal is to preserve the Korean martial art. Its manual was written in 1610, and with the Japanese invasion it needed preservation.

Firstly, there was a period before firearms, when the martial art was used as a method of defense and attack.


At first, developed by slaves, Capoeira emerged as a method of defense for slaves. In the midst of the dances, Capoeira gained more followers and became stronger.

Capoeira manages to combine attack and defense very quickly, which makes it very lethal. With movements that accompany the rhythm of the music, capoeira spread throughout the world.

Método de Luta Keysi

Some martial arts become better known through movies, Kung Fu was like this with the famous actor Bruce Lee. KFM has become more popular thanks to Batman.

Its origin is among the Spanish gypsies, and many of its blows were born in street fights. Which offers the ability to fight against several opponents at the same time.



Here we find another martial art linked to an army, this time it’s the soviet one. Creator of the martial art still in the 20s.

With the increase in crimes in the country, Sambo began to be taught to the entire population as a form of defense.

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Kung Fu

At first, Kung Fu could not be missing from our list, one of the best known and oldest martial arts in the world. Born over 4,000 years ago.

Although its focus is more on defense, the famous tuta style encompasses many styles and is one of the most lethal martial arts.

Discover the world’s deadliest martial arts.

Jiu-Jitsu brasileiro

Finally, jiu-jitsu became better known in the early UFCs with the Gracie family, especially through Royce Gracie. Which made the fighting style spread across the world.

By using the opponent’s body as a weapon, the style excels in ground fighting. And it’s also among the deadliest.

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