Holy Bible is the word of Jesus is the most important book for all those who follow Christianity, regardless of its aspect. With this article, you will find out 5 best applications to read the Holy Bible nowadays.

It is not just a book that tells stories of Jesus. Reading the Bible can also serve as a guide to values.

It is more, even as a kind of self-help for those who feel affliction and seek a religion or an answer to their problems or motivation to continue facing.

Small services or passages from the holy bible can help in your spiritual life, it can help you analyze our daily attitudes and your true life purpose.

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Beyond all, if you are new to reading the Bible, especially on cell phones or tablets, we list the cruelties of Jesus.

Know now the 5 applications to read the Holy Bible

For those who do not yet have a bible, but want to start reading, the applications are a perfect option.

Surely, having a bible next to you is very practical, since during the day the need to read it may arise at any time.

Even if you already have a physical bible you can modernize and keep it on your cell phone, mainly because a digital Bible can be extremely useful.

Let’s go to the list of the best bible apps on the web!

Holy bible

The Holy Bible app by Life. Church was created with the aim of reaching more people. You can have access to amazing notes and it is available in all app stores.

It has more than 180 million users in the world, you can also read all the biblical passages through the app.

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Beyond that, you can have access to several languages, you can use it offline and also use the audio bible.

Available on Android and iOS for all the people who want to have it on their mobile.

Bible JFA Offline

Very compact and very well developed app, with biblical study plans, with various exercises and much more.

Moreover, you can count on several tools available, such as:

Biblical themes, reading plans, various special events and all translations, even audio bible to access on your mobile.

Apps to see the weather on your phone


Mainly if you want to use the audio synchronized with the reading, very simple and didactic, the application to read the bible is wonderful.

Also available on Android and iOS.

Holy bible

Developed by Mobidic, the app is very complete, full of tools available to facilitate Bible reading.

Mainly, to improve the understanding of the verses, this app helps you with everything.

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This app is simple, it comes separated by 4 wings, you can count on the word of the day to reflect on the aforementioned topic.

You can also have verse markers that stimulate the reminder system.

This app is available on Android and is very special for those who want to have an easy-to-use app at all times.



It is a very simple and easy to use app, with bookmarks for the writers, with a search space and a text marker.

This app is among the most purchased in the app store, due to the simplicity of understanding, you can have this app on your mobile to use it on your cell phone.

It has a mobile reading program, a search system, it has become an indispensable app.

Available on iOS you can access right now to have it on your cell phone.

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Woman’s Bible

It is an app addressed to women, with an infinity of studies and tools for reading.

Daily devotionals, word of the day, reminder marker, everything you can imagine this app has to accompany you on the day of reading.

5 best applications to read the Holy Bible.

It has notes and highlights to keep everything well visible and organized.

It is a wonderful app, with a lot of amazing features, and it’s available on Android and iOS.


Go to  Google Play Store or App Store to download the apps! We hope you liked our list with the 5 Best applications to read the Holy Bible!

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