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Currently, the content on demand service is the most sought after among people, especially with regard to TV programming.

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People want to watch what they want, when they want, without having to wait for a specific schedule on their devices.

For this, there are several channels through which you can do this. Do you happen to know how to watch the best free Telecine movies on your cell phone?

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That’s right! In addition to on-demand services, people are also increasingly looking for content that can be accessed in the palm of their hand, by cell phone.

We have developed a step-by-step list that you need to follow so that, if your cable TV package already includes Telecine, you can have free access to the content streaming service.

As long as you have a subscription TV package with the Telecine channels, access can be made free of charge on the mobile application, for TV or on the Telecine website itself. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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Telecine website

To enter the Telecine website, access, click on “Enter”, in the upper right corner and choose the option “I am already a Telecine subscriber”.

On the next screen, choose your cable TV operator, log in with your TV operator’s credentials and that’s it! As simple as that!

Mobile plan

To view Telecine Play for free with your mobile plan, in the Telecine app for Android or iOS (iPhone), just tap on the three risks in the upper left corner and tap on “Enter”.

“Remote control apps to use on TV”

Then select “Telecine” and choose the operator of your cable TV package and follow the steps to enter your credentials. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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How to get access?

Like other streaming services currently available, such as Netflix or Disney+, it is now possible to subscribe to Telecine Play even without being a cable TV customer. Isn’t it great?

Until now, Telecine has only two Telecine Play plans, which are named “Individual Plan” or “Family Plan”.

Each plan can adapt to the needs of each family model, such as the number of screens you have available, etc.. This is very essential these days because of the most varied family dynamics.


To watch your favorite movies and have a bunch of options, all you have to do is download the applications mentioned above on App Store or Google Play Store on your device. It is pretty easy!

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So… Now that you know how to watch the best free Telecine movies on your cell phone, you won’t miss any movie!

Prepare the best popcorn you can, invite some friends over, choose the latest movie and the movie party is totally guaranteed! Your guests are sure to love it!

We hope you enjoyed the article we prepared for you. We’ll see you in the next post with many more tips! Bye bye!