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That’s what you read! Now there are Apps that track cellphones by number! That’s pretty cool, right?

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Due to our busy routine, many times we are faced with situations of forgetfulness, like we start to lose things on a daily basis, but now that problem is over.

New applications are now emerging to track your cellphone, being a useful tool to find your smartphone at home, monitor your children or family members, or simply share the location with other users.

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These new apps are available for Android and iPhone. Download them now for free from the Play Store or App Store, thus ensuring greater security for your smartphone. Here is a list of four applications that specialize in monitoring and locating cellphones.

Whistle Me

Whistle me is an application specialized in locating Android devices, being an ideal tool for those who tend to forget where their device is and want to track a lost cellphone.

The app makes the cellphone emit a whistling sound, in addition to being available in its settings to define the ringtone and how long it will be used for the sound notification.

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In addition, the app has a “detection level” function, in which it is possible to choose whether the smartphone should detect a specific number of whistles in sequence, which need to be loud and long.

KidsControl GPS Family Tracker

This application is available for you to track your children’s cellphone, and best of all, for free!

If you want to have greater control of where their family is, being able to monitor their route and send notifications when the person arrives or leaves somewhere, this is the app for you!

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With GPS Tracker, you can use your assignments to track other people’s cellphones, view the battery level and user location history, in addition to being able to record locations such as home, school, work and market.

Find My (iPhone) and Find My Device (Android)

Findy My is an app available only for Iphone (IOS).

In addition to having the attribution of tracking the lost cellphone and making the owner discover its location in a few moments, the app has the option of remote blocking, preventing access by unknown and unauthorized persons who may be in possession of the cellphone.

Due to the success, the programmers created an alternative version for Android, where it is possible to track the cellphone through Google with Find My Device.

The app works through Gmail e-mail and allows the user to find their smartphone and block and erase cellphone data in case of theft or theft.



You can use Life360 to track other people’s cellphones and can be useful even for families.

In addition to enabling location and finding out where the person is, it is possible to share your location with several users, or a group of friends, creating a circle of connections that can follow your movements.

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Now that you know there are Apps that track cellphones by number, go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs. 

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