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Do you know you can Learn how to pay tolls with your cellphone? That’s right! Now it’s possible to pay tolls using technology! Stay with us and learn how to pay tolls with your cell phone.

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Due to technological advances, the new instant payment tool has secured an important space.

This new tool is offered by the Sem Parar application, which brings with it Sem Parar Pay. With this incredible platform, it is possible to pay tolls automatically using your cellphone via Bluetooth in manual booths.

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Thus, the platform ensures that, in addition to practicality, drivers are safe on the highways, avoiding possible accidents.

But after all, how does Sem Parar Pay work?

According to the company Sem Parar, the new functionality is now available for use. The resource makes it possible to pay tolls via cellphone in manual booths on vehicles quickly, immediately and effectively.

It is important to clarify that the application has contactless technology, meaning there is no need to use your cellphone to make payment at the cabin.

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Using all these features in the app is simple!

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When passing through the toll booth, simply activate your Bluetooth, tell the collector that you will pay using the Pay feature, and make sure the app is logged into your account.

Therefore, when approaching the manual cabin, payment will be made automatically, with no need to touch your cellphone. It avoids possible accidents.

The Sem para app is available in six states across the country. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (Dutra), Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina.

With more than 20 years of operation in Brazil, Sem Parar is already a pioneer in the country.

If you are not yet a customer, simply download the “Sem Parar” app, select the “Buy Online” option, then “I Want Sem Parar Pay on my cell phone”, add your credit card details and top up. That’s it, your application is already configured!

Already a customer?

Now, if you are already a customer, log in to the Sem Parar app, select the “Tags” option, then click on “I want another tag”. Fill in the information and that’s it!

Finally, if you want to use Sem Parar Pay to fill up your car, simply find a station on the APP that accepts Sem Parar Pay.

Then pull over to the marked pump, open the APP and click on “Sem Parar Abastece”.

Don’t forget to inform the gas station attendant that you will pay using your Sem Parar Pay!

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Now that you know how to pay tolls with your cellphone, go straight to Google PlayStore or App Store to download it. Try it for yourself!

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