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Hello hello! How are you today? Well, we want to know: Do you know any good GPS app for free and without internet on your cellphone? No?! That’s right, now it’s possible to use GPS for free and without internet on your cellphone!

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Due to great technological advances, the world has started to live with map applications that work offline, in addition to having great advantages because they do not depend on an internet connection to work.

In this way, the apps prevent the user from losing navigation routes while on the road, where there is often no 4G or 3G network signal.

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Furthermore, these software stand out for saving mobile data, as maps are only downloaded over Wi-Fi networks.

The applications have several different uses that guarantee greater security, time control and cost savings.

To do this, we have prepared a complete dossier with the main application of the moment, Magic Earth Navigation & Maps!

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This incredible App is developed by Magic Lane and has a new version for Android, which is now available on the Play Store. Apple users will also be able to download the app mentioned. You can rest assured about that!

This new feature promises several advantages for users and makes the application a stronger competitor.

One of the application’s main differentiators is its total focus on privacy and convenience It allows various features such as offline browsing.

The software allows you to access various maps, which are regularly updated, without the need to connect to the internet.

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The application is one of the only ones that does not track or store users’ various location information. The platform describes that its privacy policy only collects some usage data anonymously, without identifying people, with the aim of ensuring improvements to the app’s services.

It is important to highlight that the incredible Android version of Magic Earth also supports the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functionality, including lane departure notifications, frontal collision notifications and traffic sign recognition.


And the amazing settings aren’t over yet! The App also has a specific feature for trucks, which allows you to enter specific dimensions of the vehicle, such as width, height, length, weight and weight per axle.

This function allows the application to identify the most appropriate and safe route for your truck.

All these features aim to ensure greater safety and technology for drivers of heavy vehicles on the road.

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Now that you know how to use free GPS without internet on your cellphone, go to Google PlayStore or App Store. Download it and try it for yourself!

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