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Hello! How are you? You must have recently heard about a topic. Does the term “Live NPC” sound familiar to you? What if we told you we know how to make a free NPC live?

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That’s right!

Content published on Tiktok can easily go viral. Considering that many people have smartphones and access the internet every day, different types of content are consumed.

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Stop wasting time and use your cellphone and your personality to earn extra money and supplement your income.

We prepared this text to teach you how to create a free NPC live and earn a lot of money surfing the trend! Take advantage of the fact that people are excited and learn now!

Let’s go!

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What is a NPC live?

Firstly, we think that, if you don’t know what it is, this is the time in the post to find out. NPC is the acronym for “Non-Player Character”.

In video games, NPCs are computer-controlled characters that interact with the player or are part of the game environment.

In NPC lives, content creators transform into NPCs, bringing fictional characters to life and interacting with their viewers in an engaging way.

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PinkyDoll is the original influencer behind the trend and quickly became a meme after acting as an “NPC” on TikTok Live. She swayed from left to right as she stared aimlessly at the camera and reacted to gifts sent by viewers. These gifts are of the most varied types and each one translates into money in the end.

When searching for the term “NPC live” on Tiktok, it is possible to find those who search for the term several broadcasts, generally with influencers dressed in makeup, colored hair, stuffed ears and other types of equipment.

Choose a “persona”

The first step is to choose the NPC character you want to play.

It could be a character from a famous video game or even a character you invented.

The key is to select a character that you can portray convincingly.

Start the live

Open the TikTok app, tap the “Create” icon and select “Live”. One of the tips is to give your live an engaging title to attract more viewers.


Creative interaction

Use gestures, phrases, and actions that match your NPC character’s personality to respond to viewers in a fun and engaging way.

The more engaging you are, the greater your chances of going viral.

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Now that you know how to start your live, take the test! Go to your app store (Play Store or App Store) right now, download the Tiktok app, create your account and see the results!

We hope you liked the tips we gave in this post. We always produce super current texts, which can be of great value in your routine.

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