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Check out the free apps to watch doramas on your cell phone and discover a different world of Asian series and films.

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It’s always difficult to find series and films that capture our attention due to their story and plot in the narratives.

Doramas have been growing and becoming popular around the world in recent times, and have become a rage.

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Asians really like doramas, always with lots of drama and love stories that leave us emotional.

If you’re looking for something different to watch, stay with us in this article as we’ll show you the best apps.

History of the doramas

Dorama was born around 1950 in Japan, and since then it has become popular throughout Asia, becoming a phenomenon.

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Countries like South Korea, China, Thailand and Taiwan have their own doramas, each with its own originality.

The word dorama descends from the word “Drama”, which is one of the main genres portrayed in these soap operas.

Despite this, each country creates its dorama in a unique way, involving many stories of love, friendship and fiction.

They are especially known for having scripts and stories that captivate and generate identification with the public.

Where to watch?

Below we leave some streaming platforms that show doramas for free, come with us!


Crunchyroll is a famous streaming platform known for housing a huge variety of anime and manga.

However, one of its series and anime themes tabs is dedicated especially to doramas and has many varieties.

You can access the app and watch the doramas for free, which are all subtitled and of high quality.

Download Crunchyroll now and enjoy its benefits in the best possible way, share it with friends and family.

Download via Google Play Store or App Store.


Netflix is also a great streaming platform option to watch the best doramas.

Lately, Netflix has made many doramas available on its platform, presenting many options.

There are different drama themes and you can follow Japanese doramas, Korean, Chinese and etc.

Access Netflix and browse the platform, or if you prefer, you can select the desired category.

Download now via Google Play Store or App Store.

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a platform highly specialized in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai doramas, etc.

There you will find a huge variety of doramas from different Asian countries with many different themes.

In addition to the huge variety of doramas on the platform, you also have access to news about K-pop and K-Drama.

Therefore, you can stay up to date with the world of doramas as this platform is very complete and varied.

Download via Google Play Store or App Store.

Prime Video

Prime Video, despite not being a streaming platform specialized in doramas, does have some in its catalog.

However, some of these doramas are produced by Prime Video itself, and are exclusive to the platform.

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Tokyo Girl and Happy Marriage are two of the most popular doramas watched by those using this platform.

So, if what you’re looking for are quality Asian films and series, access now and enjoy the best doramas.

Download the Prime Video via Google Play Store or App Store.

Free apps to watch doramas on your cell phone!


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store), and download the application that interests you most.