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Stop working hard and tiring and discover how to weigh pigs using your cell phone in a simple and easy way.

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We know that weighing animals on farms is not an easy job, both due to the handling and the stress on the animal.

Have you ever thought about using an app that weighs the pig in a few seconds just using your cell phone camera?

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This was unimaginable until a few years ago, but the agricultural market is modernizing every day.

So if what you’re looking for is ease when it comes to weighing your pigs, this article is especially for you. Come with us!

Peso Animal – Suinos e bovinos

With this application, you can find out the animal’s weight just by entering its measurements onto the platform.

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This way, high assertiveness is achieved, with a small margin of error of only around 3%.

In addition, you can weigh other animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats and even domestic animals, such as dogs and cats.

After entering the animal’s measurements into the application, within a few seconds it is possible to obtain the animal’s weight effectively.

This way, after obtaining the weight, you can save the information on your cell phone and make your sale more safely.

Benefits of the app

Below we mention some of the main benefits of using this application to weigh your animals in a practical way.

  • Weighing control.
  • Animal monitoring.
  • Precision and efficiency in weighing.
  • Practicality and speed.
  • Saving time and resources.
  • Intelligent management.

Now that you know the Peso animal – Suinos e Bovinos, Download the app and start enjoying its benefits.

Download now via Google Play Store.

Piggy Check

Piggy Check is an application for intelligently weighing pigs, without direct contact with the animal.

It was developed in 2020 by the company Meier-Brakenberg with the aim of making life easier for farmers.

Therefore, the pig industry found itself in a need to facilitate and optimize the pig weighing service.

And so they developed this application, which has been changing the lives of many farmers by helping their work.

In just a few seconds it is possible to obtain the result of weighing the pig, with great precision.

App operation

The application’s technology features a 3D camera that combines with AI (artificial intelligence) to perform the measurement.

This way, using the cell phone or tablet camera approximately 1 to 2 meters from the animal, it is possible to obtain results.

After taking a video of the animal, the application saves the information in the cloud and allows it to be downloaded to your cell phone.

Furthermore, this information about the animal’s weight helps the farmer when selling the animal.

Inside the app there is a “traffic light” that indicates with green, yellow or red lights whether the pig is ready for sale.

More about Piggy Check

Using this application on the farm increases the optimization of this type of service, offering the best of technology.

You save time and money during weighing, as well as having a better idea of the pig’s fattening.

The application’s assertiveness is around 95% and guarantees the livestock farmer enormous security and guarantee.

This app has a cloud, where all the animal’s information is stored from the first to the last weighing.

This makes the service easier and saves physical effort, and the animal does not become stressed in the process.

For the application to fully function, it is necessary to obtain the Piggy Check software.

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Benefits of the app

Below we will mention some of the main benefits of using this application to weigh pigs.

  • Contactless pig weighing.
  • Less stress for the animal.
  • Better weighing performance.
  • Greater control of pig weight.
  • Work optimization.
  • High assertiveness.
  • Mobility.
  • Cloud storage.

The benefits of Piggy Check are many, we mention just a few so you can see how worthwhile it is to use it.

So if what you want is to optimize, facilitate and expand your work, download Piggy Check now and enjoy its benefits.

Discover how to weigh pigs using your cell phone!


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store), and download the application that interests you most.