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Learn how to weigh cattle using just your smartphone and stop depending on paper and pen for this type of work.

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The cell phone can be an important tool for our day-to-day work, optimizing all our time.

This makes it possible to save time and effort when weighing cattle in a simple and practical way.

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Also avoiding stress for the animal, which guarantees better weight gain and greater results at the time of sale.

Discover the apps that will make your life easier when weighing cattle, using just your cell phone and obtaining results in real time.

AgroNinja Beefie

AgroNinja Beefie is an application that was developed by a Hungarian company that allows you to weigh cattle using your cell phone.

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That way, developed in 2017 this app revolutionized the way livestock farmers work with their cattle on the farm.

With this application, livestock farmers have greater control over the animal’s nutrition, obtaining results with greater assertiveness.

For the application to circulate throughout Brazil, it underwent some modifications due to the type of cattle raised in Brazilian territory.

The Brazilian territory has a greater predominance of the Nelore breed, which is why weights, measurements, and other factors were added to the app.

However, the app’s operation covers many countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, etc. Learn how to weigh cattle using just your smartphone.


Firstly, the benefits of this app are wonderful and contribute to high performance during livestock farming.

The app has optical sensors, which allow the cattle itself to be scanned using the cell phone camera.

So, a calculation is made according to the breed, age and sex of the animal, presenting an accuracy of 95%.

For ranchers who work with beef cattle, this app also has a cloud storage system.

This way, all data such as food, vaccines, nutrition, etc. are recorded within the application. Learn how to weigh cattle using just your smartphone.

Did you find it interesting? Download now via Google Play Store .

Peso animal – Suinos e Bovinos

This revolutionary application works like a kind of calculator, and all it takes is a few measurements to make the calculation.

Therefore, using a 3D camera combined with AI technology, it scans the animal and then makes the calculations.

But this app is not limited to pigs and cattle, other animals such as buffaloes, goats, sheep, and more are also included.

Therefore, in this app you can choose which category of animal you want to weigh, then just use your cell phone camera.

In a few moments you will have the approximate weight of the animal with great accuracy, with a margin of error of just 3%.


The application has a huge range of benefits and we will mention the main ones for you to start using.

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  • Practicality: Using just your cell phone and without needing tools, you get quick results.
  • Control: With this application you can control the health, nutrition and weight of your cattle in a guaranteed way.
  • High performance: By saving time, you will have better and more optimized performance at work.
  • Storage: The application has a storage cloud, which allows you to save all acquired data.
  • Speed and efficiency: with a 97% assertiveness margin, this app puts you ahead.
  • Ease: It is an app with a simple and friendly interface, requiring no experience to use.

Learn how to weigh cattle using just your smartphone and revolutionize the way you work on the farm.

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The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your app store (Google Play Store), and download the app.