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If you are looking for ease on a daily basis, have a application to find out if cattle are eating properly.

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Any tool that can optimize our work is of great help, as time has become short today.

Ranchers who raise beef cattle have been using a revolutionary app that monitors the cattle’s gains and losses.

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Furthermore, this platform provides you with efficient control over farm management, allowing constant monitoring.

Therefore, we present to you JetBov. Come with us and discover this app that has optimized the work of livestock farmers.


JetBov is a Brazilian startup that was created with the purpose of helping livestock farmers who work with beef cattle.

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It was initially created in 2014 in the city of Joinville (SC), but only in 2018 did it reach its peak in the market.

After receiving an investment of 3 million reais from the company SP Ventures, which led to improvements in the application.

Then, the following year it was the winning application of the 2019 Agtech highlight award with more than 2,700 votes.

Currently JetBov has been reaping good results, there are 3,665 farms using the app, more than 2,783,648 hectares registered.

Approximately 10,280,251 heads of cattle weighed, an incredible 88,487,761 operations carried out through the app. Revolutionary!


The aim is to help livestock farmers perform better results through the data collected by the application.

This increases work performance and provides greater convenience when using just your cell phone.

Therefore, this generates greater assertiveness in the nutrition, weight and health of cattle and this reduces unnecessary expenses.

It is possible to control the breeding, rearing and fattening of cattle in the palm of your hand without wasting time.

All this information and data that the app collects puts you at an advantage with your work in the field.

4 pillars of Jetbov’s work

  • Corral Management: Plan, schedule and monitor everything about the corral. Entry, exit and sale of livestock.
  • Field Management: Quickly collect accurate data with greater assertiveness.
  • Office: Issue notes, supervise activities, make records, manage the farm safely.
  • Strategy: Through data you are able to better control the herd’s earnings, simply and quickly.


So let’s go, we’ll mention some benefits of this app that is helping many ranchers with their livestock.

Efficient management

Assistance in farm management, monitoring livestock performance, with relevant information to optimize production.

Spending control

By constantly monitoring livestock, it is possible to save money and resources by obtaining the correct information.

Animal history

This app allows you to record livestock information from birth to adulthood, which makes control easier.

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Creates records and records data automatically, saving time and avoiding errors, as it works precisely.

Data analysis

A data analysis is automatically created in the application to find out whether the cattle are eating properly.

Download the app now via Google Play Store or App Store.


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store), and download the application that interests you most.