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Control and automate your car using your cell phone saving time while driving, without having to stop the car.

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An app that automates car functions through the multimedia center, can be of great help on a daily basis.

The cell phone today can be considered an extension of our body, as it does much more than just make calls.

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We use apps for practically everything in our daily lives, such as banking, food delivery, Uber or music.

Therefore, cars would not be left behind, and following this technological pace, apps were created to connect to the car.

So, we brought you apps that will change your daily life when driving, come with us and don’t miss any details.

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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is an innovative and technological application launched in 2014, which allows you to connect to the car’s multimedia center.

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Therefore, you are able to control the car’s navigation, air conditioning and even the music that will play.

Apple CarPlay is very practical and has a simple to use interface, which makes everything smoother.

With the technology of many car multimedia centers together with this application, they allow you to have a wireless connection.

So if your cell phone is configured with Siri (Apple’s personal assistant), you can use voice commands.

Very practical, right? Download Apple Carplay now via App Store.

Android Auto

Android Auto is a pioneer in this field of business, it was one of the first to develop apps compatible with multimedia centers.

Therefore, your connection to the multimedia center gives you access to many apps that can be controlled from your cell phone.

Applications such as Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, YT Music and Telegram are among those included in this control.

Android Auto presents a driver-friendly interface as it is simple to use and its mirroring enlarges the app icons.

Therefore, this makes the view better and prevents the driver from being distracted while trying to perform a function.

Download now Android Auto and use technology to your advantage!

Amazon Alexa

Today, some cars come from the factory with this Amazon system, which increases their compatibility with cell phones.

Cars like the BMW X1, Fiat Toro and some from the Jeep line already come with Amazon’s personal assistant installed in the multimedia.

The app performs functions such as starting the car, headlights, adjusting the seat or even adjusting the air temperature.

And all this through your cell phone, manually or using voice commands using Amazon Alexa.

Therefore, comfort in your daily life will guarantee you a good car ride or even a trip with the family.

Download Amazon Alexa via Google Play Store or App Store.

FordPass Connect, Google PassKey and others: the future is now!

There are also other apps that can do incredible things when connected to the vehicle system, such as starting the car.

FordPass Connect and Google PassKey are two emblematic examples of this new wave of technology that is revolutionizing the market.

With these apps, for example, you not only connect to the vehicle, but you can control some actions, such as starting remotely, locking or unlocking the vehicle, etc.

In some cases, even with the cell phone discharged, it is possible to lock, unlock and start the car normally.

As long as the cell phone does not need to be unlocked to be used as a key. Always consult the vehicle manufacturer to check resource compatibility before use.

So that there are no doubts or unforeseen events, we will leave links with some tips on how this tool works.

Dowload now Fordpass Connect via App Store or Google Play Store

How the PassKey system works on your cell phone.


BlueTooth is one of the easiest and most practical ways to connect to your car stereo or multimedia center.

It is possible to connect wirelessly and use apps on your cell phone to mirror the car stereo or multimedia.

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Just go to your car’s settings and look for your vehicle’s BlueTooth network and leave it enabled.

Then just connect your cell phone to this car network and choose which app you want to mirror.

SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer and others are part of the apps that you will be able to mirror using BlueTooth.

Control and automate your car from your cell phone!


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

Algumas características e funcionalidades dos apps podem variar de acordo com o modelo do carro ou do smartphone. Para obter informações atualizadas, recomendamos que consulte o fabricante.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store), and download the application that interests you most.