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Do you know the main apps to help rural producers? If you don’t know it, it’s time to find out!

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Technology develops with each passing day and it can also be applied in rural production.

The weather forecast, technical information about crops and calculations for the precise use of fertilizers and seeds are among the most important queries. Each resource has its benefits, but all of them make the producer’s life easier, avoid waste and bring savings.

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Therefore, we have developed a list of some important applications for rural producers’ daily lives that can really help you!

Aegro – Simplified Rural Management

This is an application for agricultural management that really makes life easier for rural producers. Its app reaches and operates with the different phases of rural businesses.

Therefore, to be at the side of the agricultural manager, the app constitutes an integrated tool. The application covers everything from initial production planning to the final evaluation of the results obtained with the implemented agribusiness.

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To meet these objectives, the Aegro app offers the following functionalities, such as harvest planning, rural financial management, field notebook, etc.

It is offered by the supplier with two plans: one aimed at crop productivity and the other with even greater resources.


EVAPO is an application that allows you to understand an important effect of the climate: the amount of water that returns to the atmosphere by evaporating from the soil, as well as by transpiration from the crops themselves. Thus, the application provides the potential evapotranspiration (ETP) existing anywhere in the world.

The EVAPO system operates using georeferencing based on where you are. This way, you don’t need to do anything, just open the app, which immediately identifies your location.

Then, read the ETP and display the amount of water lost on your smartphone screen, in millimeters per day.

Furthermore, it offers a history of previous weeks showing data from each day, making it easier to observe the behavior of crop water as it escapes into the atmosphere. The EVAPO app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.


The Bioinsumos application makes the National Bioinputs Catalog available to rural producers. In this way, all biological inputs registered are identified and have their respective indications of where they can be found.

Bioinputs are products used in production, pest control and agricultural processing and have wide application, among others, in organic agriculture. To this end, the application is organized into two sections: inoculants and pests.

For each related pest, a detailed description follows, as well as a list of biological products recommended for control.

In the inoculants section, those already tested and approved for different crops are listed, providing indications of accredited suppliers. The Bioinsumos app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

Plantix – your agricultural doctor

The application Plantix meets a demand that has always been present for producers: the identification of the main occurrences that affect the health of the crop.

Thus, pests, diseases and nutritional deficiencies can be easily recognized by the image you record with your cellphone.

The application’s database covers more than 400 plant damage situations for 30 major agricultural crops.

Now let’s move to the last app on our list.

Calagem App

The Calagem App application was developed to be a calculation assistant in limestone application operations on the soil.

Thus, it identifies the need for liming and measures the recommended quantities for soil correction.

You enter some soil analysis data and the application evaluates and makes relevant recommendations.

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Pretty cool, right?


Now that you know the main apps to help rural producers, go to Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps!

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