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Currently, it is possible for you to watch movies and series on your cell phone completely free of charge. Do you want to learn how to watch the best free movies and series on your cell phone? Stay with us and read this post!

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Due to technological advances, streaming platforms have brought ease and modernity to watching TV!

Years ago, we would now be sitting in front of a screen and consuming an entire pre-established program. So boring, right? Our options would be to change channels or simply accept what was on at that time.

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However, now the scenario has changed, and for the better!

Today, with a simple touch on the screen, we have access to a vast catalog of series and movies, which can be watched from anywhere in the world and at any time.

To do this, we prepared this incredible post with the main paid and free apps for you to follow the best movies and series.

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PlutoTV is an extremely friendly and intuitive platform, and is without a doubt one of the best apps for watching TV on your cell phone.

GPS for free and without internet on your cellphone

The streaming application has many movies and series with different content such as sports, news, documentaries, period films and even championships.


Currently, if you have probably accessed any type of video content on the internet, you have probably come across this name: YouTube.

Today, YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world and has thousands of active users.

The platform offers users the possibility of accessing various free channels and content, or simply listening to music or watching music videos from their favorite artists.

So, to guarantee these benefits, simply click on the YouTube website and have access to a multitude of content, you can use your favorite browser – or download the app directly to your smartphone.


GloboPlay is a Brazilian streaming platform that has gained ground as the sector leader in the country, with a brand of 20 million users.

In its catalogue, there is content that is 100% free (such as some soap operas and series), live TV which is also free; and other content that is completely exclusive and paid (which can only be accessed with a GloboPlay subscription).

Because the platform is hybrid, this is an excellent option as a gateway to the world of streaming.


Listed as one of the best film channels, HBO produces series with relevant content worthy of awards from big names in the segment!

The application provides several channels such as: HBO, HBO Family, HBO Pop, HBO Xtreme, among other channels that present great hits, premieres, sporting events and important awards, such as the Oscar.

Furthermore, the application broadcasts the best international cinema content, festivals and documentaries around the world.



This movie channel option is a studio that contains high quality original productions!

Paramount is recommended for lovers of horror, science fiction, suspense, action and police films and series.

The app offers a more limited collection, but leaves nothing to be desired for those who enjoy the aforementioned genres.


Netflix remains at the top of the world’s top content!

The application allows you to watch films and series with original audio with the choice of subtitles or not.

The platform has great successful films, series and documentaries!

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So, the stream offers several packages to enjoy its benefits and is available on Play Store and Apple Store.


What few know, Star+ is part of the Walt Disney Company, thus bringing together the great successes of 20th Century Fox and Fox channel series.

The application has several successful movies and series in its catalog, and is available to access through different monthly fee packages.


The material presented in this post is just informative.

The conditions, operation and subscription prices (in the case of paid apps), may change at any time and without any prior notice.

So, to obtain update information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store) and download the apps that interest you most!