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Have you ever imagined controlling your glucose in the palm of your hand? That’s right, now you can check your blood sugar levels easily and simply. Stay with us and learn how to measure blood sugar on your cellphone.

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Currently, thanks to technological advances, we can control glucose in a more practical and effective way, that is, through our cellphones.

To take advantage of this incredible benefit, you need to install an app on your cellphone to be able to measure your glucose level with just a few clicks.

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In this sense, these applications were created with the aim of helping to control blood sugar levels, in addition to being extremely effective in their role of helping diabetics control their blood sugar levels.

In other words, it is a fact that technology has brought an incredible tool to improve the lives of diabetics.

To do this, we have prepared an incredible list of the main applications available on the market that have this sensational tool.

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Brazilian Diabetes Society

The Brazilian Diabetes Society has created an incredible application designed to help diabetics control their blood glucose levels, as well as being 100% free and available for download on the IOS and Android operating systems.

The application was developed by the Nutrition Department of the Brazilian Diabetes Society and has more than 1300 foods registered for you to control your carbohydrate levels, making sugar intake even easier, through the foods eaten during the day.


Minsulin was developed with the aim of offering its services 100% free in addition to helping to treat diabetes.

Through the platform, you can calculate the exact insulin dose of any food using the carbohydrate counting technique.

Furthermore, the application makes it possible to find other features to help with your daily life.

Finally, you can even share your blood glucose data, insulin doses, amounts of carbohydrates ingested, among other incredible information, with your healthcare professional.

In addition to offering all these incredible features and being 100% free, the application is available for Android and iOS versions.

Insulin Calculator

Another incredible option is the Insulin Calculator!

The app helps type 1 diabetics by calculating insulin dosages by counting carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Thus, the app also helps to divide insulin doses and recommend the best times of the day to take the next insulin doses.

To access all its features, simply find it in the Play Store.


Glic is widely used by those who want to treat diabetes, mainly because it is a free app available for Android and iOS.

The platform has several features to help with your day, in addition to diabetes care.

Finally, the application can record blood glucose levels and create medication reminders, avoiding any unforeseen events.


Last but not least, we have iGlicho, the new app of the moment that guarantees to be a complete app to help with glucose control.

The app is very complete due to the large number of varieties in its functions.

Among its incredible features, it is possible to find your blood glucose data, issuing complete reports with graphs and data for medical monitoring.

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The application is available for Android and iOS versions.


Now that you’ve learned how to measure blood sugar on your cellphone, go to Google Play Store or App Store to try out one of the apps.

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