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Satellite images are very interesting, aren’t they? Being able to look at everything from above, from a different perspective is very exciting.

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There are apps that allow you to see your city by satellite imagery, and people use these apps for a variety of purposes.

This type of application is widely used for people to locate themselves via GPS, but it can also be used for other reasons, such as traffic information.

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Apps to view your city via satellite can become great allies to know exactly how to get to a certain place you haven’t been before, or even to find a better route to a place you’re used to, improving the time spent with traffic in your routine.

So… Did this subject interest you? Do you think your life can improve from these tips? We’ve made a list of the best apps you have available for this purpose.

Without further ado, let’s get to our special list and find out which are these apps that can help you so much!

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Google Maps

Firstly, there is Google Maps. Like almost every program from the Google company, Google Maps is an application used by many people.

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The app offers great satellite images, allowing the user to see places in real time, which is a big difference.

The app has several interesting functions, such as current traffic conditions, information about public transport, 3D map visualization and much more.

Google Earth

The Google Earth app has satellite images of terrain and buildings in 3D, even allowing for a 360-degree perspective in Google Street View mode. Who never Googled their own house, right? Curiosity speaks louder.

The application has technology that builds images from mosaics of satellite images provided from different sources, aerial images and 3D GPS. Thus, it is possible to even see buildings in 3D.



This app, which is also very popular, provides complete information, such as issuing alerts and traffic conditions, so that the app users can contribute and feed the app themselves with information they are aware of during the ride.


This application allows users to view various tourist attractions in cities, renowned accommodations and transport stations. In addition, they can also view gas stations, restaurants, among others, which is very useful in everyday life and even on trips.

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Knowing where these types of establishments are can really get you out of trouble, so… Why not get to know them better?

See your city by satellite imagery.


Did you know any of the apps above? If you don’t use any of them, it’s worth installing and, in addition, checking out how much they can help you and make your car trips faster, more practical and peaceful!

To see your city by satellite imagery, all you have to do is download the applications mentioned above on App Store or Google Play Store.