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Discover the transport app just for women and children and walk more safely and calmly on a daily basis.

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Nowadays it has become a great necessity to prioritize means of transportation that only carry women and children.

Due to several factors such as security, privacy, comfort and other reasons that led to the creation of the app.

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We know that nowadays women suffer daily from different types of violence, whether physical or moral.

Thinking about your safety, we brought apps that will make your car trips much safer and more comfortable.

Lady Driver – Passageira

The app was created on March 8, 2017, by founder Gabryella Correa, who saw a need in the driver app market.

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After suffering harassment on an app race, Gabryella decided that no woman should have to go through that.

And so, she founded the company with the aim of offering security to women, something that other apps did not offer.

Therefore, based on the concept “from women for women”, Lady Driver was born, helping with everyday safety.

Several women registered on the app, which in 2017 had 1,800 drivers and today exceeds the 35,000 mark.


Lady Driver, as an app dedicated especially to women, offers benefits that no other app provides.

You will have much more peaceful and comfortable trips, knowing that there is a woman driving.

Your choice increases considerably, mainly because you can decide which driver you want.

Your security will increase by a large percentage and the community in this app is very united, adding up to great strength.

With Lady Driver, many harassments were reduced and avoided, and this is something incredible and super necessary for women.

App usability

The application has a simple and objective interface, making it easy and quick to use and offering a great experience.

To use the app, simply register with your details to start enjoying the benefits of Lady Driver.

After that, just request your first ride and enjoy an experience of safety and comfort on a car trip.

Therefore, with some information and data provided, you can now use the app and make your trips more relaxed.

Share with friends and family and make trips for those you love much safer and more comfortable.

Download Lady Driver via Google Play Store or App Store.

Drivers Mulheres – Passageira

Like Lady Driver, Drivers Mulheres was founded with the aim of ending violence and harassment of women.

Founded by partners Ana Maria and Cristiane Bernardes, who were tired of seeing so much harassment occurring.

According to data provided by Uber in 2018, more than 3,000 harassments occurred, 235 resulting in rape.

Horrible and shameful data for our society, so Ana and Cristiane created Drivers Mulheres to change this.

Making a trip more comfortable, safe and reliable is something that this app can do masterfully.

Benefits of the app

Using Drivers Mulheres can be of great help for you and your friends to carry out app races.

Below we will mention some of these benefits that will show you how great using the app can be:

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  • Safety and comfort: taking a trip with a female driver can make the trip safer.
  • Less harassment: With this app, the number of harassment ended up decreasing.
  • United community: The community on this app is very supportive and always willing to help.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive app with a simple interface.
  • Prices: Race prices are very competitive with other apps, and are not as expensive.

Now that you’ve discovered this app, download it now and start enjoying your runs much more peacefully and safely.

Share it with your friends and family and make racing for women much more comfortable and reliable.

Discover the transport app just for women and children!

Download now via Google Play Store or App Store.


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store), and download the application that interests you most.