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Who doesn’t want to be able to make, in a simple and free way, a cool invitation to a birthday party? Some apps from the Play Store and the App Store can help you in this mission and make your party even cooler.

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Even if you don’t have any knowledge or training in graphic design and image editing, some apps allow you to work on your invitation and you can make it just the way you want, regardless of the theme of your upcoming party!

Are you curious to know which apps we are talking about? So enough wasting time, let’s get down to business!

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Canva is an application that can be used on both mobile and computer, and has helped many people in editing their images. When you enter the “Invitation” option on the “Design” tab, you will see several themes for your invitation.

Among the application’s themes, we have baby shower, bridal shower, 15th birthday party, wedding, and many others. There are many options to choose from!

As the application is very intuitive and free (although it has some paid functions), the experience is very pleasant.

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This application developed by Adobe has the advantage of being easy to use. The app brings several possibilities and themes so you can choose the best one for your invitation.

Unfortunately, the app has watermarks on the images, and you need to subscribe to it monthly or annually to remove it.


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This application stands out for the fact that, right on the first screen, it has several themes for your invitation, ranging from birthdays and baby showers to barbecues, for example.

The app allows you to edit type, color, font, text content, etc. Even though it’s not as customizable as other applications in the field, the images from this app can also have your style!


As the name implies, the app helps you create an invitation from scratch. You choose all the details of the invitation, such as stickers, color, opacity, filters… There are countless options for you to work with!

Also like Adobe Spark Post, Invitation Maker also adds a watermark to your photos, requiring you to pay to remove them.



In case you don’t know it, Evite is an app that, in addition to creating invitations, it also has the function of managing your event, providing virtual invitations, sending messages to guests and many other functions.

It’s really a shame that the editing possibilities are a little restricted in this app when compared to others available in the app stores…

Even so, this app is not far behind. It’s so cool that it allows people who received the invitation to share photos from the party! Pretty cool, huh?

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This is a perfect application for those who will print the invitations, since the program guarantees good print quality. For this, the app allows you to edit images and save them in JPG, PDF or PNG.

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Now that you know the apps, just have fun creating invitations with designs that reflect the high spirits that your party will be!

To download the applications mentioned above, go to Google Play Store or App Store.