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Will Brazilian player Romário return to the pitch at the age of 58? That’s right, the best player of the 1994 World Cup will return.

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Romário, who had an incredible career, scoring more than 1000 goals according to his count, will soon be on the field.

The former athlete had said goodbye to the field and was involved in politics in Brazil. Is it possible that at 58 Romário will be able to return to the Brazilian fields?

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What’s more, did any Brazilian team sign the striker at that age? Today you will find out everything about Romário’s return to the pitch. Without further ado, find out about this story here.

Early career

Firstly, we need to say that Romário’s football career is beautiful. Romário was born on January 29, 1966, and began his professional playing career with Vasco da Gama, a team from Rio de Janeiro.

This happened in 1985, Romário was 19 years old at the time, his first game was on February 6th, but his goalscoring story would begin later.

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Only in August of the same month, the young professional athlete scored his first goal as a professional.

In the years 87 and 88, Romário marked his time with the Rio team, a fact that led him to the Brazilian team in 1988. In this way, he would begin a brilliant career, very successful and full of controversies.

His best moment in football

Firstly, we can say that Romário had a successful career, playing for Brazilian clubs. Just as with Barcelona and PSV, however, their best moment came in the 1994 World Cup.

The Brazilian team had not won a title since the legendary 1970 team, which featured stars like Pelé. Brazilian players arrived discredited until the worldwide.

The team had not completed the qualifiers with high performance, and no one was betting much on that team. However, Romário was decisive in that World Cup, winning the Tetra world championship for Brazil.

Being the best player in that World Cup, scoring 5 goals in the competition and winning the award for best player in the world in the same year. The year 1994 was the best year of his career, without a doubt.

Will Brazilian player Romário return to the pitch at the age of 58?

Finally, to better understand this story we need to talk about Romário’s son. Professional football athlete Romarinho plays for America do Rio de Janeiro, a team of which Romário has been president since May this year.

After becoming president of America – RJ, Romário said he was willing to fulfill a dream, to play with his son. To this end, Romário returned to training, and intends to play some games with his son, thus making his dream come true.

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However, the star is expected to have few minutes on the field, as he is 58 years old. His official retirement from the field was in 2009, and since then, the athlete has been involved in politics in Brazil.

So, if you want to see Romário on the field again, just follow the Rio team of América, let’s see how this story will be.