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Do you know the game of seven errors? No? Well, it’s a simple and efficient game, capable of developing several areas of your brain quickly and efficiently! The importance of games to increase memory: discover the 7 errors game.

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Stay with us and learn the importance of games to increase memory: discover the 7 errors game.

Since forever, the use of games for pedagogical development and logical reasoning is no longer new. The resource is used to teach various subjects such as history, geography, mathematics, among other subjects.

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Types of games

Currently, there are several types of games capable of developing the pedagogical lake, such as: board games, bingo, card games, memory games.

As well as, riddles, among others that have the power to stimulate intellectual actions (compare, serialize, observe, imagine, create, plan, relate, raise hypotheses, etc.).

When properly used, they can streamline the class and engage the student, together with the teachers, in the learning process.

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It is a fact that the pedagogical use of games has always been suggested to pedagogues for teachers to apply in the classroom.

Another important tool are the existing websites, which also have several free games for teachers, in electronic and printable format.

Most games about finding errors in an image Despite their simplicity, they work on important mental skills for learning, such as improving visual perception.

Furthermore, it reinforces observation and identification, improves the ability to compare, develops visual concentration. Among other incredible skills that are capable of transforming your intellectual capacity.

One of the most famous games of the seven errors is the watercolor “Um Jantar Brasileiro”, by Debret.

An electronic game in which new screens with new errors are shown to the player. Most errors are historical anachronisms.

In this game, the errors inserted in Debret’s watercolor are historical anachronisms: tattoo, pacifier, toy car, Coca-Cola bottle, etc. “A Brazilian Dinner”, game about finding mistakes, Teaching History, 2021.

Another incredible game model of anachronistic errors can be found in the illustration of a medieval banquet. And in the painting Independência ou morte, by Pedro Américo.

The 9 Errors Game collection is a collection of 24 error-finding games produced in three formats.

Digital game to play on the computer online or offline Power Point game to design in the classroom PDF game to print and distribute to students.

Before starting the game, an audio describes and contextualizes the image, exercising visual perception and developing document analysis.

The audio also brings additional information that gives historical meaning to the image and induces a historian attitude.

Take, for example, the 9 errors game “Court of Osiris” made from an image taken from the Book of the Dead.

In other words, it can be concluded that the game of 7 errors are important pieces for intellectual.

And psychological development and improvement, demonstrating an important part for your development! Enjoy and try it.

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