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Hypertension is a silent disease, which usually only causes symptoms when it has been installed for a long time and has already compromised the functioning of several organs.

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The Ministry of Health indicated in 2017 that 141,878 deaths were recorded due to the condition or causes related to hypertension in Brazil. Still 37% of these early deaths include people under the age of 70 years.

In view of this scenario, it was observed that it is very important for people to have a pressure gauge that is easily accessible at all times.

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Blood pressure measurement is essential for people with high blood pressure. For this, blood pressure measurement apps were created.

To avoid all these events, we have separated the best apps for measuring pressure.


smartBP is a blood pressure monitoring app, which has a very user-friendly design.

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with this application you will monitor blood pressure changes in the form of graphs and statistics, making it much easier to visualize.

In addition to the app recording your blood pressure, the app records pulse pressure.

It is an easy to control, simple application to manage records, calculate media and export data by email.

Withings Healt Mate

This application, in addition to measuring blood pressure, aims to take care of the health of its users. It helps with weight loss, as well as controlling sleep and exercising.

It has several functions to optimize its use.

Available for Android and IOS


The icare app is one of the best known and recommended for measuring blood pressure.

The user takes the measurement by pressing one finger on the screen and the other finger pressing on the camera for a few seconds

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Along with measuring blood pressure, it can measure heart rate, lung capacity, respiratory rate, among others. In addition to having a pedometer.

In addition, this app is only available on IOS.


AMPA emerges as an effective way to assist physicians in controlling high blood pressure remotely. The application also allows communication between professional and patient

Along with this, it allows users to add the data of measurements made with their own device at home and receive reports of these measurements.


Measuring and recording daily data can be used to monitor reactions to certain drugs.

AMPA, from Beliva, is now available for IOS and Android.

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The use of cell phones to control and monitor health has been increasingly adopted.

In most applications, the information is recorded in a very interesting way, which varies according to the chosen function.

In any case, they make analysis and tracking much easier. It is worth remembering that apps are support tools, but they do not replace regular visits to the doctor and health check-ups.

Measure blood pressure.

The objective is for these tools to be used only as sources of information that enrich and complement medical care.


In addition, to have access to all these apps, go to Play Store or App Store and download the app that interests you the most!