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Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the entire world. The Best Football Streaming Apps.

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Such a famous sport brings a legion of fans with it and it is impossible not to keep up with something you really like. 

There is an incredibly high number of football teams and there’s of course a rank of the best ones around the world. 

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Each country has its own team and some football players leave their home country to play in international leagues, such as the Premier League. 

This year, besides normal leagues, we are going to have the World Cup, an event that brings all countries together to prove which team is the best. 

Considering the importance of this sport and the number of fans it has, technology wouldn’t stay behind on keeping up with games and the latest news

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That is why, in this post, we will talk about the best football streaming apps available nowadays. 


SuperSport is a great option for football fans to keep up with the latest news on their teams. 

The strongest feature in this app is the possibility of having access to games highlights

This way, if you don’t have a lot of free time to watch a complete game, you can at least see the best moments of each match. 

The app also provides information on the leaderboard, so that users can follow the development of their teams throughout the league. 

Of course, besides all of these options, the best one is that you can watch live games and never miss anything. 

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The app is only available for Android systems.  


ESPN is an American cable sports channel, but it also has one of the most complete apps for sports fans

The app offers many Sports Channels, a true all-in-one app, in which you can stream your favorite club’s games not only for soccer, but many other sports. 

Using the ESPN app, you will have access to games’ highlights and live matches, all the information is real time. 

In addition, the user can keep up with the latest news, live scores, club’s position in the rank of winners and much more. 


Last but not least, the user can activate notifications, so no information is missed. 

You can download ESNP both for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems. 

La Liga TV 

La Liga TV is an app focused on the women’s football league

The app offers live streaming for the matches, in addition to real time updated on the latest news. 

Watch football on mobile

After downloading the app, you will find all kinds of information such as scores and La Liga updates. 

Besides, if you turn on notifications, the app sends you updates about your team’s performance and next matches. 

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With this app, you can also save videos to watch later and choose the best highlights from matches. 

The app is free and you can download it both for iOS and Android systems. 


Never miss anything from your favorite football team with these apps. 

Download them now on Google Play Store or App Store