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Watch Home of the Celebrities 2024 for free, find out everything that happens and have different entertainment.

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You’ve probably already found yourself thinking about how celebrities behave when faced with a reality show. Is not it?

Now imagine these celebrities competing for a cash prize, what would their behavior be like in this game?

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Don’t wonder any more, because now we’re going to show you where you can watch it all.

Links to applications and other services are at the end of this article, stay with us until the end and choose the one that interests you most.

First edition of The House of Celebrities

The first edition of this reality show was on August 24, 2021, and was inspired by the reality show Big Brother.

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The first participant to be announced was Gabriela Spanic, and presenters Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gallego.

In this 2021 edition, the program lasted a total of 50 days, being a great television success with a lot of prestige.

Therefore, this led the program’s creators to start planning the second edition, which came in 2022.

The champion of this edition was Alicia Machado, who had been Miss Universe in 1996 and won great affection from the public.

The House of Celebrities

So, this reality show was a success and led to this franchise being in its 4th edition of the program.

Therefore, the 2024 edition began on January 23rd, and there is still no end date.

Now, in this edition some of the participants are Lupillo Rivera, Alana Lliteras and Ariadna Gutiérrez. Cool huh?

It has been a fierce competition and full of challenge for the participants looking to win the $200,000.

As there is still no end date for the program, it is estimated that there are still several challenges to overcome.

Participants of the 2024 edition

See below the participants who are still competing in this edition of the 2024 House of Celebrities:

  • Sophie Durand: 20-year-old actress.
  • Clovis Nienow: 30-year-old actor and model.
  • Ariadna Gutiérrez: 30-year-old model.
  • Fernando Lozada: 34-year-old actor and model.
  • Alana Lliteras: 20-year-old influencer.
  • José Reyes “La Melaza”: 40-year-old baseball player.

Where to watch?

Now that you’re up to date with this 2024 edition, here are some places to watch this reality show:


Above all, if you want exclusivity to watch the program, there’s nothing better than the Telemundo website or app.

There you will have access to a vast content of the program with all the details that occur during the reality show.

So we are talking about a 24/7 display without missing any details.

From now on, we say that this is one of the best platforms to follow the reality show in its entirety.

Prime Video

Prime Video is an Amazon streaming platform, and has a wide range of options in its catalog.

Therefore, it is a platform that displays films, series, drawings with great quality and professionalism.

You can follow The House of Celebrities with great details of all the events in the house.

See the best moments of the house, and the most interesting VT’s from this reality show that is being a success.

So, access the Prime Video App and stay up to date with everything that happens in the hottest house in Mexico.


Firstly, ViX is a completely free streaming platform free of any type of subscription.

Therefore, in this app you have access to films, series, cartoons and many Latin soap operas. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

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Currently, this streaming platform has offered different types of content and entertainment in its catalog.

So, it’s an ideal app for you to watch The House of Celebrities in full and with all the details.

Don’t waste time, access ViX now so you can find out about everything that happens in the home of celebrities.

Watch Home of the Celebrities 2024 for free!

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