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Do you know someone who practices Cross Fit? People who do crossfit like to talk about it, explaining its benefits. Learn about Cross Fit tips for beginners.

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Even though you hear about how good Cross Fit practice is, knowing how to do it is the best thing for beginners. Especially if you want to avoid injuries.

Despite being a very healthy practice, it requires some care, so that it is good for your health without bringing unnecessary pain. But all this you will see in this text.

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Cross Fit does it really hurt?

In principle, the best way to avoid problems is to avoid what we call piracy. Do you know who is authorized to teach Cross fit?

First of all, the space must have a certification that is provided by the North American brand Cross Fit. In order for the place to open, it needs a trainer with at least Level I training.

This training must be done by the North American company itself, and in Brazil the coach still needs to have the CREF. Which is the portfolio of the Regional Council of Physical Education.

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That is, if you are going to practice Cross Fit in a place without this safety, serious injuries can happen to your body. Pirate practice can bring many problems to your health.

Always talk to your coach

For you to get the best results, your trainer needs to know exactly what you’re feeling during your workout. In this way, your training can be adapted to your reality.

Even before you start practicing Cross Fit, your trainer needs to know what condition you’re coming from. That is, if you are coming from a sedentary lifestyle or if you practice some sport.

Smaller classes are especially better for beginners, as the instructor’s attention will be more effective in smaller classes. Therefore, prefer smaller classes whenever possible.

At first, this attention will make a difference in your practice, especially at the beginning of your contact with Cross Fit. After a while, you become more comfortable and know the practice better.


Know more about Cross Fit

The more curious you are, the more understanding you will have of the exercises, as well as the philosophy behind the exercise. After all, Cross Fit is much more than a workout to get fit.

Many people end up looking for Cross Fit to get a toned body, which can be a good bait for people. But when they get to know Cross Fit, they realize that it teaches much more.

With Crossfit you become aware of your body, in addition to discovering that your potential goes far beyond what you imagined.

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So doing Cross Fit can be a great idea if you have a suitable place with a suitable instructor. Thus, your results will be much better and safer.

Crossfit beginner tips

Ricardo Prudente representing the brand in Brazil, has level III and is the person responsible for most training. So knowing if you are in a certified location will make all the difference.

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