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Hello! Did you know that there are several apps that can help you learn how to play soccer on your cellphone? That’s right!

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We at Olimpiac have developed this text thinking especially of you, who are interested in learning to play football and want access to good content directly on your cell phone.

And then, let’s check what are the applications that we have separated for you?
Here is our list, which ranges from apps directly linked to football to apps to improve your physical conditioning:

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Nike Football

Nike Futebol has a proposal for you to carry a coach in your pocket. In addition to the technical training, tips and tools created for elite athletes by the Nike Academy team, this app’s biggest selling point is mental training.

Through an interactive game, Pro Genius, you develop your cognitive ability to think faster, anticipate moves and act instinctively on the field. On the other hand, some videos take time to load.


Running is indicated as one of the best activities for weight loss. But, if by any chance you prefer to swim or ride a bike, this app helps you control training for more than 25 physical activities.

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App that discovers what you will look like during pregnancy

Adapted for a wide range of sports, the app offers some interesting technical information such as time, speed, pace, changes in altitude, heart rate, calories burned and many others. In addition, it has customizable voice guidance, calculates BMI and body fat.


One of the top rated apps on the iOS Store, Freeletics promises fast results with a workout tailored to you, fully tailored to your fitness. Workouts use only your body weight, no additional equipment is required.

This adds flexibility to the routine: you can work out either in the building’s gym or outdoors. The app combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises and offers a complete workout routine.



Of course, we wouldn’t leave Joga out of this list. Our app offers free statistical and tactical data collected by your cell phone’s GPS while playing soccer with friends.

In addition to the number of calories burned, the application shows the heat map, how long you played in each position, distance covered, resistance and wear in the game. Premium version offers more functionality, download now and try seven days free!

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Now that you know the list of the Apps that can help you learn how to play soccer, don’t waste any more time! Go straight to App Store or Play Store and download one of the apps!

We hope you enjoyed our text and we hope to see you more often here on our website. We develop all texts with great care and attention to what our readers would like to read.

See you in the next post! Bye bye!