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Ancelotti praises Vinicius Junior, the coach recognized the player’s great moment, said he is unstoppable.

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The Real Madrid striker is experiencing his best moment in football, with decisive goals and disconcerting dribbles.

Today, Vinicius Junior is the best Brazilian in football, even surpassing Neymar.

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His coach’s recognition drew attention, as Ancelotti is not one to praise. He said that the athlete reacts well when he is provoked by opponents, the more provocation the better his soccer.

Thus, stopping the Real Madrid team will not be a simple task for Chelsea.

The teams will meet in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Everyone is waiting for this great game, and for the performance of the Real Madid striker.

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Who is Vinicius Junior?

Firstly, Vinicius José Paixão de Oliveira Junior is a young Brazilian player.

At just 22 years old, the Real Madrid left-winger is in his prime in football.

Born in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, the athlete gained prominence for football while playing for Flamengo. Being noticed by Real Madrid, the athlete was quickly bought by the Spanish team.

This has been proving more and more like a great investment success. The athlete has been decisive in the most important games of the Spanish team.

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Alongside Benzema, the athlete has been deciding games, scoring important goals, such as in the Champions League final.

Despite suffering a lot from racist acts in Spain, the athlete was not shaken.

On the contrary, he lives his best moment, Vinicius Junior is a smiling young man who likes to celebrate his goals by dancing.

Which caused some controversy with opponents, especially at Real Madrid and the national team, the athlete is unanimous among his fans.

What did Ancelotti say about Vinicius Junior?

At first, the question was about Vinicius Junior’s behavior in the face of provocations.

As stated above, the athlete suffered several cases of racism, and controversy about his celebrations. Some athletes could have their confidence shaken, but this is not the case for Vinicius Junior.

Ancelotti used the expression “UNSTOPPABLE”, saying that this is the athlete’s reality.

The coach said that the athlete goes on and on, whenever he finds a marker that imposes difficulties on his game. He always looks for ways to overcome the scorer, going up with his dribbling.


Ancelotti also highlighted the friendship between Vinicius Junior and Benzema, which they enjoy in training.

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And when asked about what it’s like to deal with a squad of stars at Real Madrid, he said it’s very simple.
When asked about Chelsea’s momentum, Ancelotti said he was saddened by the moment.

However, I am quite confident that Lampard will help Chelsea a lot now that he is their manager. Real Madrid coach Ancelotti has already worked at Chelsea, and declared himself a fan of the English club.

Ancelotti praises Vinicius Junior. The two teams will face each other after Ancelotti praised Vinicius Junior, let’s see how the athlete behaves.

The Chelsea fan hopes that this time the athlete is not having a good day. However, this will only be seen with the teams on the field for the quarterfinals of the Champions League.