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Champions League starts without much news The giants maintained their favoritism, even scoring a few goals.

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The Champions League is the main club championship in the world. Here the great players from the biggest teams parade.

Even though stars like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have left. Nothing takes away the charm of this league, the biggest teams on the planet are here.

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Therefore, it is unusual to find small teams surprising the giants. We saw this truth in the first round, with the giants winning.

Even though everything is possible in football, the reality found in the Champions League does not present many new features.

We have teams with huge investments, large structures. Normally these teams beat the little ones. See some of the first round so far.

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Despite the scare Manchester City wins on debut

The defending champions faced a much smaller team in their debut. Even on a night when top scorer Haaland didn’t shine, the team scored 3-1 at Red Star.

But anyone who sees the score and believes it was easy is wrong, City came up behind on the scoreboard. Bukari opened the scoring for the Red Star team, even playing on City’s field.

Therefore, the European champion team had to join forces to reverse the score in front of their fans. Leaving the Giardiola team at the top of group G.

Even though they shared the lead with the German team RB Leipzig who also won by the same score. Player Julián Álvarez shone with two goals, being the best on the field, the other goal was scored by Rodri.

Thus, the greatest won once again in the Champions League, without anything new.

Barcelona started with a rout in the Champions League

Firstly, even though the Barcelona team is not the one that enchanted the world, it is a giant. In this way, Barcelona faced Royal Antwerp, like a true giant.

Thus, they scored a great victory, winning the match 5-0, with great performances from Raphinha and João Felix. For those who don’t know, Royal Antwerp is the current Belgian champion.

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We can say that only one team played, with 70% possession of the ball, Barcelona did what they wanted on the field. In just 22 minutes the game was already 3-0.

Goals scored by João Félix, Lewandowski and Raphinha, so Royal Antwerp had nothing to do. I was hoping the game would end soon, and no more goals would be scored.

However, even slowing down the pace, Gavi scored in the 9th minute of the second half. And finally, the fifth goal was scored by João Félix with assistance from Raphinha.

A great rout that left Barcelona at the top of their group. Followed by Porto who beat Shakhtar 3-1. Champions League starts without much news.

In a fight between giants, PSG beat Borussia

Finally, we cannot say that PSG had an easy time in their debut. If Manchester City and Barcelona faced lesser teams, PSG did not have the same luck.

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In their debut, the French team faced Borussia Dortmund, having won 2-0 at home. PSG’s goals were scored by MBappe and Hakimi, a great result.


Since Milan and Newcastle drew 0-0, this is the most difficult group in the Champions League. Therefore, any victory needs to be greatly celebrated.

This has been a great season for Mbappe, with 8 goals in 5 games. On October 4th, PSG will visit Newcastle, this will be the second round for the French team.

Other giants have not yet debuted in the Champions League, let’s see if the writing remains. The big ones winning and maintaining hegemomy.