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Discover the longest fight in the UFC, did you know that there was no time limit and that the fights were very long?

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Those who watch all the success achieved by the UFC don’t always know the beginning of the story. There was a period when fights were very long, without division into rounds.

Today we see a whole structure and regulations that protect athletes more. Before, there wasn’t even a weight division, so we saw very heavy fighters against very light fighters.

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If you think that the heaviest always win, you are wrong. Let’s learn a little more about the history of the UFC. And remember the longest fight in the history of this successful event.

Which was born with a lot of dynamism and bringing the controversy of bringing different fighters together. With different martial arts, in a space that only ended with a knockout or withdrawal.

UFC rules in 1993

Anyone who watches the big names in the UFC today, with various rules, weight divisions, gloves, can’t imagine their beginnings. If you watch the first fights, even in 1993 you will see a lot of different things.

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The blows caused more injuries, after all, there was no standardization. Today we see all fighters wearing specific, standardized gloves.

In 1993 this did not exist, the clothes were not standardized, we see fighters in kimonos, others without shirts. In this principle, the organization was concerned with maintaining the traditional martial art clothing.

Who were the first UFC champions?

But, what are the rules of the event? The rules are basically two: you can’t bite or put your finger in your eye. Thus, the fighting was very strong, with very heavy blows.

Little by little, other rules were introduced to protect athletes. And there was no time limit, no rounds, it was a fight until withdrawal or knockout.

Then, with the broadcast, it became necessary to limit the time, as in UFC 4 the broadcast stopped before the end of the fight.

Longest UFC fight

As there was no time limit on rounds, the fights were very long. Taking athletes to complete exhaustion. Some fights lasted 20 minutes, others 15, in UFC 4 spectators did not see the end of the fight.

In this way, those who paid to attend were upset with the organization of the event. Thus, having good physical preparation has become a weapon for some fighters to win their fights.

Since exhaustion was a great enemy of all fighters. But nothing surpassed the 36-minute fight, the fight was between Brazilian Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.

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The fight mostly took place with Ken on top of Royce. While Ken tried to hit, Royce defended himself by holding him tightly.

The Brazilian fighter was badly injured after suffering a punch while the fight was standing. In addition to several headbutts while they were on the ground.

Until the fight was interrupted after 30 minutes, then another 6-minute extension. However, it ended without a winner, the longest fight in the UFC ended in a draw.