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How can I replace the bench press exercise? What exercises can I do instead that will give me the same result?

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There are a few reasons you might want to replace the bench press. Some people do not have the bench used for this exercise.

Or they even don’t like doing this exercise, there’s a lot of that in the gym. Certain types of exercise don’t bring pleasure, for some reason.

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There is no problem replacing this exercise with another that works the same muscle. So, we’re going to show you some exercises to replace the bench press.

There are no excuses for you to stop training, there is always another exercise. See the best exercise options to replace the bench press.

What is bench press and what are the benefits?

First of all, today we are talking about the bench press, but there are other types of bench press. The bench press is an exercise performed on a 180º bench.

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Practiced with the aim of gaining muscle mass and strength. Allowing full range of movement. The incline bench press is 45º and demands more from the upper pectoral muscles.

While the rectus requires more from the pectoralis major muscle, in addition to the triceps and anterior deltoid. The person doing the training uses a straight bar, with the weight plates on the side.

Weight must be added gradually to avoid accidents. Ideally, training should always be done in pairs, this is the safest way. But, if you want to replace the bench press, see great exercise options now.

Dumbbell bench press

Firstly, if your problem is with the bar, due to the risk of an accident. The dumbbell is a great replacement, just use the dumbbell instead of the bar.

You can lie on a bench with the same inclination, that is, 180º. Then, use the dumbbell with the weight that is appropriate for your workout, and make the movement straight.

How many muscles are there in the body?


This is an advantage for those who have muscle imbalance between the left and right sides. It is a way to correct imbalances.

By changing your grip on the dumbbell, you can even work different muscles. This is an easy way to replace the bench press.

Push-ups: an effective exercise that uses body weight

A simple way to replace the bench press is the push-up. It is a great way to work the pectoral muscle, without any risk of accidents with the bar or dumbbell.

The exercise also works the shoulder muscle and triceps, all in a calm and easy way. You can also vary the distance between your hands for better results.

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The closer your hands are, the more you work the triceps muscle group. But the further apart the hands are, the more the chest is worked.

Another advantage of push-ups is that you can practice them anywhere. Without having to go to a gym. This way, even at home you can work your muscle set.

The push-up also targets the abdominal muscles, something that the bench press does not do.