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Anderson Silva, one of the greatest in MMA, the Brazilian fighter made a name for himself in the UFC. One of the greatest in the sport.

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There is no doubt that Anderson Silva’s name will be marked in the UFC.

With his unique, irreverent style, the fighter boasts historic fights. Even fighting big names in the sport, Anderson made winning fights look easy.

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The Brazilian fighter was known as one of the best dodges in the sport. Getting rid of the blows, moreover, his counterpunch was impressive.

Learn more about the history of this great name in world MMA. Learn about his life and how he got to the biggest MMA event in the world.

What makes Anderson Silva different?

In the first place, thinking of Anderson Silva is thinking of skill, technique and a lot of show.

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The fights were full of incredible technique, but he made everything unique.

His ability to evolve in each fight was impressive, adapting to each situation.

Managing to unite Muay Thai, boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, Anderson was one of the greatest. With a lot of speed and agility, the Brazilian fighter put on spectacular fights.

Anderson always seemed to be ahead of the other fighters, as if he knew what the other fighters were going to do.

How was the beginning of Anderson Silva’s career?

At first, we can say that the beginning of Anderson’s career was difficult. Born on April 14, 1975, in Curitiba, Brazil, his childhood was poor and very humble.

In this way, sport saved Aderson from the violence that was all around him. Martial arts shaped Anderson’s life, bringing the necessary discipline and resilience to succeed.

At first, the fighter dabbled in capoeira and taekwondo, adding Muay Thai and boxing later. Thus, Anderson was shaping his ability to exchange blows with the other fighters in the octagon.

All this training in various martial arts ended up giving the Brazilian a unique style. Which provided him with many spectacular knockouts in his MMA career.

Anderson dominated the UFC

Firstly, it was almost impossible to imagine that the fighter would leave a poor childhood in Brazil for the UFC.

More than that, he became one of the greatest MMA fighters the world has ever seen. Being the UFC Middleweight Champion from 2006 until 2013.

Who were the first UFC champions?

Dominating the striking on the octagon, and dodging counter strikes, he made his name go down in history.

Another important highlight is for your mental domain. Even in adverse situations, he always remained very calm. Impressing anyone who was watching his fights.


Anderson Silva one of the greatest in MMA. Anyway, talking about Anderson Silva in MMA is talking about one of the fighters that impressed me the most.

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Other important names made their mark in the sport, great fighters have passed. However, none with the style, technique, mind control of Anderson Silva.

Even after years of his best form and dominance, the UFC recognizes his greatness.

All fighters have already seen him in the octagon, this is a mandatory subject for anyone who wants to fight.

Whether in the striking and dodging that were characteristic of him, or in the sharp jiu jitsu, Anderson is in the history of the sport.