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What are the main moves in Jiu Jitsu? All fights have their characteristic moves, learn more about this fight.

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Jiu Jitsu is a martial art originating in Japan, where the weakest can beat the strongest. This principle is very interesting, the world learned about this reality in the UFC.

Especially in its first editions with the Gracie family. The world saw a much weaker and lighter fighter defeat stronger fighters.

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Even though the world knows the characteristic submissions of Jiu Jitsu. Martial art is much more than that, other moves are essential for a gentle art fighter.

Learn more about Jiu Jitsu moves, learn more about this spectacular martial art.

Find out what the guard is in Jiu Jitsu

Firstly, some strikes are essential for a Jiu Jitsu fighter. Guard is a position that can be defensive or offensive.

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The fighter can neutralize the other fighter’s attacks when he knows how to use his guard well. The Jiu Jitsu fighter can use closed guard, open guard or maintain half guard.

Closed guard is when the fighter wraps his legs around his opponent’s waist. Aiming to immobilize the opponent, the closed guard is often used in fights by Jiu Jitsu practitioners.

Open guard is when the fighter uses his legs to keep his distance from his opponent. Using your feet to keep your opponent at bay. While half guard is a combination of the two.

The fighter who can use his guard well can sweep to use submissions and beat his opponent.

Mounting is another essential move in Jiu Jitsu

Firstly, the mount is a sip that demonstrates dominance. The success of the blow is when the fighter manages to mount the opponent’s chest.

This occurs with the knee on the ground releasing the weight on the opponent. Development from the mount is diverse.

What is the philosophy of Kung Fu?


The fighter can practice a submission, or evolve with powerful blows. Knowing how to use your hip weight is essential for mounting, so you can handle the fight as you wish.

The fighter needs to maintain control of the fight, preventing the opponent from being able to reverse the position.

Champions can maintain this position successfully, and improve with submissions. Discover some of the main submissions in Jiu Jitsu now.

Discover the main submissions of Jiu Jitsu

Finally, submissions are the strongest point of Jiu Jitsu. At least they are the most well-known and most powerful strikes of the martial arts.

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However, sweeps, side control and rear control are essential within Jiu Jitsu. Submissions represent the fighter’s guarantee of victory.


The ultimate goal of the gentle art is the guard, sweeps, side or rear control. Everything aims to control the fight, it is with the submission that the opposing fighter is led to give up.

The rear naked choke is a submission when the fighter wraps his arm around the opponent’s neck. The forearm is also used to squeeze the carotid artery, causing the fighter to give up the fight.

The armbar is another well-known submission, this is a blow to the arm. Applying joint pressure to the opponent’s elbow, which makes him give up.