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That’s right, now it’s possible to use an app that tells you where the fish are!

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Sport fishing has now become much more technological! Especially when it comes to sport fishing apps.

There are currently several fishing apps available on the Google Store and Apple Store, which provide various functions that improve the experience of sport fishing. There are even apps that teach how to tie a knot and others that teach how to use fishing equipment.

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To do this, we have prepared an incredible series of apps that make your fishing easier. Check it out with us! Let’s dive in?


Fishbrain is a community created by fishermen focused on the social and local aspect of fishing.

The app makes it possible to find and connect with fishermen near you and around the world, share your catches with your Fishbrain community and find accurate fishing locations and the best access points, through information shared by the fishing community.

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Angler Fishing App

Angler Fishing is a fishing app for anglers who want to improve their fishing!

The app turns your device into a powerful fishing intelligence tool.

It is possible to analyze fishing reports that make it possible to guarantee your fishing!

The app is 100% free and aimed at anglers specializing in freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing and more.


With FishAngler you get instant access to fishing spots, nearby catches and real-time fishing forecasts!

In addition to these benefits, the application is 100% free!

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Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots is an incredible tool to assist fisherman. This sports fishing app demonstrates how to tie the most important fishing knots, as well as helping you attach your flies, hooks and other bait.

The App provides several tutorials on the most important knots in the world of fishing.


Fish TV is an internet channel focused on the environment, promoting sustainable tourism and actions aimed at education and environmental preservation, in particular, sport fishing.

The channel produces diverse content throughout Brazil, from the Amazon to the south of the country, and also in several countries around the world, showing various species of fish caught in the most varied fishing spots.



Navionics is a favorite app among sailors, fishermen and divers!

With it, you can find detailed graphics, advanced GPS features and even choose the specific version for your region.

One of its main tasks is to create detailed routes through waterways and narrow channels, based on chart data and navigation aids, and to provide real-time weather data and forecasts.

Fishing Points: Fishing and GPS

Fishing Points is a fishing App that turns your smartphone into an incredible advanced fishing tool.

Like it, you can save your favorite fishing spots and find them using GPS on your smartphone.

One of its main functions is to save fishing routes and find fishing spots with the GPS navigation system.

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There are so many apps that it’s hard to choose! Enjoy the apps and good fishing!


Now that you know more than one app that tell you where the fish are, go straight to go to Google PlayStore or App Store. Try it for yourself!

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