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What is the philosophy of Kung Fu? We know that every martial art has its philosophy, but is the philosophy behind this ancient art?

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To find out what’s behind this ancient art, we’ll need to delve into Chinese culture. Since Kung Fu is more than a martial art, it is a way of life.

In this way, we need to go back in history, to more than 4 thousand years ago. That is, when Kung Fu began, among Chinese Taoist monks.

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His philosophy, then, is linked to the balance between body and mind.

This principle is extremely strong in Kung Fu, that is, the control of the mind and body to have more strength.

In this way, we can say that understanding Kung Fu is closely linked to understanding Taoism. That is, coexistence in harmony with nature and the search for inner peace.

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In addition, Confucianism has a lot of influence on the philosophy present in Kung Fu. Thus, loyalty, self-discipline and filial piety are marks present in the martial art.

What are the principles and values of Kung Fu?

First, finding out what their values help us to identify a present philosophy. This martial art requires mental focus, discipline in training, and attitudes outside the training room.

In this way, its principles and values go far beyond the fight. Self-control and respect for others are very present in practitioners of this ancient martial art.

What is the most efficient martial art?

Another intrinsic value in the practice of true kung fu is humility. There is no way to practice true king fu without being humble.

This quality is present in the lives of those who always want to improve. Recognizing your most vulnerable areas to be able to correct them.

In this way, we can say that kung fu is linked to self-improvement and personal growth.

Kung Fu requires connection between mind and body

At first, we can say that Kung Fu requires its practitioners to control both mind and body. At least for those who want to be very good at practicing martial art.

Practitioners understand the importance of mind control, and its impact on the body. There are no good fighters of the ancient art who cannot understand this connection between mind and body.

Great masters often emphasize the importance of a clear mind. As well as focus during training and combat.

In this way, the philosophy of Kung Fu is closely linked to controlling the mind in order to have greater control over the body.

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Thus, his training is a mix of breathing exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, in addition to the practice of blows.

Thus ensuring that your body is an extension of your mind. We can then say that the philosophy of Kung Fu is the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Only in this way, practitioners will be able to learn true kung fu. Undoubtedly, Kung Fu is a martial art that brings many benefits to its practitioners.

Since discipline and mental focus will help you in all areas of life.