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What are the enemies of gaining muscle mass?? All people who are doing bodybuilding want this answer. Discover everything here and now.

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Did you know that your muscle gain doesn’t just depend on your training? Many people train intensely at least 5 times a week.

However, your muscle gain is very small, finding out why is essential. Since we all want to gain beautiful and strong muscles.

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Of course, muscles are not just an aesthetic issue. They help a lot with body posture and having an active life for much longer.

Therefore, gaining muscle mass is essential for well-being. Gaining muscle mass speeds up your metabolism, helping you control your weight.

Furthermore, having a fast metabolism helps you take better care of your heart. But let’s now understand what the enemies of muscle mass gain are.

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Lack of adequate nutrition

Firstly, you will not gain muscle mass without proper nutrition. Gaining muscle mass is directly linked to a calorie surplus and lots of protein.

In other words, without protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates you cannot gain muscle mass. This is the reason why many people in the gym do not gain muscle.

Especially protein provides the necessary amino acid for muscle building. Guidance from a nutrition professional will greatly increase your results in the gym.

If your interest is increasing muscle mass, nutrition needs to be one of your focuses. Train well, and eat well, that’s the rule.


Firstly, we understand that without intense training there is no muscle gain. However, excessive training impedes your progress, and can also be the cause of many injuries.

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Your body needs to have adequate recovery time. Weight progression needs to be adequate, your body needs to be prepared.

Some people overtrain, pushing their body to exhaustion, then don’t rest properly. Others overweight, causing injuries that prevent muscle mass gain.

Make no mistake, this is not just a problem for people who have been bodybuilding for a long time. People who are starting out and want faster results tend to make this mistake.

Have adequate muscle rest time to get the best results. What are the enemies of gaining muscle mass?

Chronic stress

Finally, stress is the cause of much damage to the human body. When it becomes chronic, its damage is even greater.

When we think about gaining muscle mass, stress is a serious problem. The reason for stress on our list of enemies is the release of cortisol.

Since this hormone greatly hinders muscle mass gain. Cortisol causes muscle breakdown, so instead of gaining, you lose muscle mass.

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Therefore, with proper training and nutrition, your results may be limited by stress. We can bring into discussion the changes in sleep and eating that chronic stress causes.

These factors prevent the best results from your training. Your best results in gaining muscle mass are linked to stress control.

Breathing exercises, meditation, and therapy can help manage stress. Ultimately, gaining muscle mass is linked to many factors and not just your training.

Train well and take care of these factors for better results.