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Meet the football players involved in violence against women. See how this problem is in all layers of society.

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Women are the target of violence all over the world. In addition, rape, abuse of authority, and so many other problems are experienced by women on a daily basis.

Some cases with soccer players exposed this reality among athletes. Something that was not reported before, but which must always have existed.

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In the history of football we have great football players involved in violence against women. More recently, we have Manchester United player Anthony being accused of violence by his girlfriend.

As a result, the athlete who had been called up to the Brazilian team was cut. Let’s remember some players who were the target of important accusations about violence against women.

Hakimi was charged with rape

At first, Hakimi is a successful football player, he is currently a PSG player. Paris Saint-Germain is one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

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Just like the other athletes on the team, Hakimi earns millions every year. He has the status of a high-performance athlete with a great salary.

But who saw his name involved in a controversy, the athlete was indicted for rape.

A protective measure was even imposed by the courts, preventing the player from contacting the young woman who accuses him. However, the athlete is free to leave French territory if he needs to.

The athlete, who is also on the Moroccan national team, awaits the next court decisions.

Daniel Alves is arrested

Firstly, with great success on world lawns, the athlete has been locked up since January. The charge is of sexual abuse against a young woman in a nightclub in Spain.

The abuse allegedly occurred in December 2022 in a nightclub in Barcelona.

After denying the accusation, the athlete changed his statement a few times, which made his situation much worse. Thus, the great champion with Barcelona, PSG and the Brazilian team is in prison.

Thus, Daniel Alves remains imprisoned awaiting the next steps of Spanish justice.

Cristiano Ronaldo had his name involved in controversy

Not even the great Portuguese star was far from controversy. In 2018, the Portuguese man was accused by model Kathryn Mayorga of rape.

The case would have occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas, and would only have come to light in 2018. At the time, the model asked for 64 million euros in compensation.

A settlement was made for an amount far less than the claim, and the case was dismissed. However, the athlete saw his name involved in a case of violence against women.

Benjamin Mendy

Finally, Mendy is another football player involved in allegations related to violence against women. The 2018 World Cup champion with France has 8 rape allegations.

Racism in the Spanish Football League

The athlete denied all the facts, and was acquitted on 7 of the 8 charges. In addition to the rape accusations, the athlete faces accusations of attempted rape.

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As well as sexual violence, now the athlete hopes that the other cases will be judged.

Anthony is not the only one

Finally, Anthony who is now being accused of assaulting his girlfriend is not the only one. Sadly, many athletes have been accused of violence against women.


All over the world we see athletes involved in cases of violence. All cases must be investigated and if found guilty, they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Nobody is above the law, this is the message that each condemnation sends to all women. The Manchester United athlete is being investigated, and if his guilt is confirmed, he should be sentenced.