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Learn all about the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan. See how the two teams arrive.

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June 10 was the day chosen for the Champions League final. Turkey will be pleased to host a great derby of world football.

The big names in football will be on the field at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. Surely the stands will be full of fans and the world will stop watching this game.

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If you are passionate about Soccer, you will certainly be following it in some way.

Whether in person in Istanbul, whether on TV or an app. Machester City v Inter Milan will be the best match to follow. Find out all about the Champions League final right now.

Inter Milan’s decisive moments in the Champions League

First of all, every team struggles in the Champions League. It’s the biggest championship in the world, the best players are here.

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Athletes from the most diverse teams in the world are in the Champions League. Therefore, all players dream of their conquest. In addition, the players who win the best player in the world awards are from the League.

Anyway, in this way, we always find great classics and very disputed games. Manchester City experienced some decisive moments during the League.

Reaching the Liga final wasn’t so simple, check out some of those moments. On October 12, 2022, Inter drew 3-3 with Barcelona, guaranteeing a place in the knockout phase of the Champions League.

The return game against Porto was decisive, after a 1-0 victory in Italy. After all, Porto hit the post twice, but Inter secured the 0x0 by passing the stage.

In the semifinal Inter still defeated Milan away from home by 0x2 going to the final. All about the Champions League final.

Manchester City’s defining moments in the Champions League

At first, Manchester City’s life was also tough in the Champions League. Reaching the final was no simple task, as it never will be.

Coach Guardiola’s team comes to this final betting everything on it. Since this is the title dreamed of by the Manchester City team, pursued for a long time.

The team reaches the final, adding important moments, remember some of these moments. City’s comeback against Borussia in the group stage was huge in giving the players confidence.

Racism in the Spanish Football League

The 7-0 thrashing of RB Leipzig showed that Manchester City was not in the mood to play.

In addition, the team still managed to defeat Bayer Munich by 3-0, the German team that always comes strong in the Champions League could not stand City.

Thus, the England team was building its way until reaching the grand final. And there was still room for a 4-0 victory over the biggest winner of the League.

Real Madrid couldn’t do anything against Haaland’s team and company.

Champions League Final

Finally, Saturday will be the champion of the biggest championship in the world, both teams arrive strong for the dispute.

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With important games won, and with a lot of desire to win. The Italian team is looking for its fourth Champions League title.


While Manchester City are still looking for their first achievement. The England team is well connected, with beautiful football and arrives full of confidence.

But the Italians arrive with the experience and strength of those who know what they want. Manchester City vs Inter will be this Saturday.

Don’t miss this game that will define the champion of the biggest championship in the world.