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Hello! Did you know that there is an app that turns you into a Barbie? That’s right! Get on the wave of the moment and find out what you would look like as a Barbie doll! We have collected tips that can make you look just like Barbie.

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Taking the opportunity: The movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has a world premiere scheduled for July 21st. Are you excited? Because we sure are!!!

With the help of the amazing Barbie Selfie Generator app, you can create your own Barbie avatar in a matter of minutes. From skin tone and hair to makeup and outfits, there’s a wide variety of customization options available for you to create the perfect Barbie look.The “Barbie Selfie Generator” tool is simple and can turn anyone into the most iconic doll in the world.

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Let’s check out the step by step to visualize yourself as Barbie? Let’s go!


  • Import a picture of yourself that you would like to see on the poster;
  • Access the official website of Barbie Selfie Generator;
  • Click on the start button;
  • Upload the photo you want to use by clicking the arrow icon or take a photo with the camera icon;
  • Adjust your photo as you wish by clicking on the arrow icons; you can also zoom in or out.

And it is done!

In addition to placing your photo, you can also customize the slogan and colors of the photo. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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App that discovers what you will look like during pregnancy

This variety of editing options makes everything super personalized for you! You can create several versions and have a lot of fun!

On snapchat

Warner Bros Pictures launched the “Barbie” AR Lens ad campaign exclusively on the Snapchat app (Android, iOS). With the debut of the new Barbie Wardrobe AR lens, people can see themselves wearing clothes inspired by the costumes of the film’s protagonists, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, through augmented reality.


Users access a virtual Barbie wardrobe from the app’s Lens Carousel or by scanning Snapcode with Snapchat’s camera. You can share the photos or videos you create in a Snap message or Snapchat Story (or save them to your camera roll to share via text or on other digital platforms).

Don’t waste any more time and go make your edits too!


Now that you know the apps’ names, go to App Store or Play Store!

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Download one of them and visualize yourself as a Barbie doll! The topic is super hot! Share it with all your friends and see which edition looks best! You will have a lot of fun!

We hope you enjoyed the tips we gave in this post and enjoy your edits on the app that turns you into a Barbie. If you go to the movie theater to watch the movie, we hope you enjoy the movie a lot!

We hope to see you in the next post! Bye bye!