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All the same between Real Madrid vs Manchester City, after a good game by Guardiola’s team, 1×1 was the score.

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In an electrifying game as everyone expected, the Real Madrid and Manchester City teams made it worth the ticket.

What few had seen happen at the Santiago Bernabeu finally happened, Manchester City took over from the first minutes.

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Having almost 75% possession of the ball, the great Real Madrid team watched the England team exchange passes and create goal opportunities.

At the beginning of the game, many expected a relatively easy game for Manchester, however, it was not like that.

The game was designed with good scoring opportunities for both sides, with great bids.

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Ending with a great result for the Manchester City team, which will be able to decide at home, and walk towards the dream of a final.

Manchester City’s very good start

Firstly, Guardiola’s team has a characteristic of ball possession.

As we always see in games, Manchester City’s possession took place in the middle of the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Spanish team watched City exchanging passes and creating opportunities with Haaland who, little inspired and well marked, failed to score.

It is true that goalkeeper Courtois worked hard, but Haaland’s goal that everyone was waiting for did not come out.

If only the first minutes of the game were analyzed, the impression was that City were at home. With a great start, everyone thought City’s victory was a matter of time.

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However, when player Vinicius Jínior managed to hit a beautiful shot from outside the area, we were reminded that it was against Real Madrid.

With 14 Champions League victories, the Spanish team would not give up so easily.

Even more so with Vinicius Júnior on an inspired day, so Real Madrid opened the scoring.

It didn’t even seem like the same game at the beginning. With the support of the fans, Real Madrid grew in the game. All the same between Real Madrid vs Manchester City.

Real Madrid woke up after opening the scoring

Finally, now, with the result in their favor and the support of their fans, the Spanish club has grown in the match. Forcing goalkeeper Éderson to make some saves, now the game has changed.

Possession of the ball was more balanced and chances for goals appeared side by side.

However, Real Madrid was better in the match, the Manchester City team did not believe what they were seeing. When Manchester dominated the match Real Madrid opened the scoring.

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Thus, Manchester City’s possession of the ball was no longer so offensive, the team had difficulty finding spaces to finish the goal.


But the magic of soccer is right there, it was that moment. Already in the second half of the game, De Bruyne hit a kick from outside and tied the game.

For an instant, the stadium felt the stalemate, now everything was the same. The Spanish team had about 30 minutes to score the winning goal.

Fact that did not happen, and the decision will be even in Manchester when the English team will have the support of its fans.

The next game will be on Wednesday the 17th in Manchester.