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We have a simple question for you, our reader: Who doesn’t love a good soccer match, right? Currently, with increasingly modern and updated applications, it is very easy to have access to matches, no matter where you are located. Apps to watch live football for free

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Apps to watch live soccer for free have drawn the attention of viewers.

From the Champions League to national championships, matches are being broadcasted live and completely free of charge.

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Many people are interested in having access to this content and sometimes can’t afford it.

Because of many people’s need to know more about it, we made a list.

This list has 4 different apps to watch the matches and also special and particular tips for each and every one of them. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

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So… Are you curious about this topic? Shall we check it out? Because you can’t waste any more time! Let’s dive in!

One Football

Firstly, comes the app called One Football. Located in Berlin, One Football is a football media company that features live scores, statistics and news from 200 leagues in 12 different languages covered by a newsroom.

This application has completely free broadcasts and also has the dissemination of news about the world of sport.

Watch ESPN

This ESPN streaming app has several content options, such as English, Spanish, Argentine championships, etc. In addition, the viewer can also watch several other sports, such as surfing or basketball.

An incredible advantage is that you can watch it wherever and whenever you want, because it is available for Android, IOS and desktop.

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As it is one of the first sports streaming services, the viewer has plenty of content to watch.

It is owned by the DAZN Group, an Access Industries company founded in 2007 with investments in the media and entertainment sector that includes Warner Music Group and Deezer.

Can you imagine that? The company is huge!

It is primarily focused on football, but has other sports such as basketball, boxing, darts, track and field, bowling and tennis.


For instance, it had more than 956 million hours and 27,000 live sports events streamed in 2021, according to their website.


We can’t leave women out of this topic! This app is challenging how live sport is packaged, delivered and consumed, with a flexible offering that democratises sport content for fans everywhere.

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In other words, with this app you can watch women’s football, youth games and much more! You won’t miss anything!

Apps to watch live soccer for free.


So… Now that you know what apps are available to watch live soccer for free and because you’re a big fan of soccer matches, just hit play and enjoy.

In conclusion, all we have to say for sure is: You won’t regret it now that you know how to keep up with your team!

To download the applications mentioned above, go to App Store or Google Play Store.