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You, cinephile, love to watch movies in your free time. What if we told you that there are apps that make you watch all the free movies on your cell phone? That’s right! Read this post until the end and don’t waste any more time!

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We’ve put together a list of the best channel and movie groups to give you a direction on where to search for the movies you want to watch.


Firstly, one of the best movie channel, we have HBO. Its goal is to cover all ages with entertainment with different types of titles.

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Independent produces series with relevant content worthy of awards from big names in the segment. Provides 8 channels:

HBO: Main channel, presents great hits, premieres, sporting events and important awards such as the Oscars.

HBO 2: Basically almost the same as main HBO.

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HBO Family: With family programming, it manages to reach all tastes with diverse programming.

HBO Signature: Intended for a female audience.

HBO Pop: Great movie hits.

HBO Mundi: Broadcasts the best content from international cinema, festivals and documentaries around the world.

HBO Xtreme: Action, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure and Police Series and Movies

Although HBO is a really good option, it is not the only one available.


This movie and series channel option has a library of more than 1900 titles, you don’t need the premium version to have the best content. There are excellent channels to watch movies you’ve always wanted.

Telecine Action: Indicated for those looking for horror, suspense, action content and who want to feel butterflies in their stomach.

Telecine Popcorn: Hits from movie theaters.

Telecine Touch: Indicated for those looking to get emotional, it has novels, dramas and biographies.

Telecine Fun: Focused on humor presents comedy and animation titles that are beyond fun.

Telecine Cult: Suitable for those looking for classics from around the world.

Mega pix

This option features a movie channel for the whole family, has partnership with big names in cinema like Disney, Universal Studios, DreamWorks and other big names in cinema.

Paramount Network

This movie channel option is a studio that contains original productions with high quality.

Before it was known as Paramount Channel, it changed its name to Paramount Network a short time ago.

Its differential is being able to find the best content on its channels.


This is indicated for lovers of horror, science fiction, suspense, action and police films and series.

It has a more limited collection, but it does not leave anything to be desired for those who like the forementioned genres.

It will also be possible to consume sports content, if you are interested in that subject.

Warner TV

Former Warner Channel, it has not lost its habit of having good content. Allows you to watch movies and series with original audio with the choice of subtitles or not.

One of the best movie channels nowadays, it has partners like Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Disney.


This option has the attraction of bringing together great films loved by the audience, it is among the third to have hot productions that have come out of the cinema.

If you like news and follow the movies, TNT is for you.


Few know, but Star is part of the Walt Disney Company, thus bringing together the great successes of 20th Century Fox and the series of the Fox channel.

Another very interesting attraction is the Premier League, one of the most famous sports broadcasts.

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In addition to being the largest video platform, YouTube also has movie channels with a large film collection for free. It also offers a premium version to access exclusive content.


With so many options it is difficult to identify which is the best movie channel, since each person will have a different profile and taste.

To reach this conclusion, you need to explore all the options and find out which one best suits your profile.

In addition to channels to watch movies at rest, it is also possible to use apps to download movies on Android, you don’t have to pay anything and you can enjoy quality content for free without depending on the channel network for online and paid movies and series.

We hope you enjoyed the post we created for you, cinephile. Watch all the free movies on your cell phone and also feel free to browse our website and read our other posts, which are also very interesting subjects. Certainly you will like it.

Go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store, download one of the apps, because we are 100% that you are going to have fun!

Bye bye!