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Apps that show live satellite images are becoming more and more popular. These applications use satellite technologies to provide real-time images of specific geographic areas around the world.

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These images can be used for many different purposes such as monitoring the weather, predicting natural disasters, planning travel routes and even for entertainment.

The most advanced applications use satellites equipped with high-resolution cameras that are capable of capturing detailed images of specific areas in real time.

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Users can access these images directly on their smartphones or tablets, and many apps allow them to browse and explore these images in 3D.

Very impressive, isn’t it?

We have developed a list of the best apps for you to know which are the apps that show live satellite images. Shall we check?

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Let’s talk about Maps.Me, which is an application that allows you to view various sights, accommodation and transport station.

You can also search for where are the fuel stations, restaurants, among others.

The application has easy access tools. In this way, you can save your favorite places, search without using the internet, share and much more. Free app available for Android and iOS system users.

Google Maps

The most used and practical application of all, which provides you with everything you need to know about the places or routes you want to pass.

The application offers you satellite images, so the user can see places in real time. To achieve this, simply open Google Maps on your mobile device and select the “Satellite” option.

So if your device is enabled to access maps via satellites, you will have access to everything you need. In this sense, the application proves to be a very useful tool, with several resources available.

Among them, it offers important information such as the current traffic condition. So, if necessary, recalculate your route so as not to get stuck.

The app also notifies you if there was any kind of accident on the way.


Finally, using Google Maps, you can even find out more about the place or even information about public transport, bicycle paths and see the map in 3D.

For these and other reasons, having an app to view the city via satellite can make a big difference in your journey to your destination. App available for Android and iOS (iPhone).


Finally, we brought Waze, which is an application that helps thousands of people by providing traffic information and routes.

In addition, it has complete information such as issuing alerts and traffic conditions.

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In this way, it helps the driver to plan the best route and provides data on the weather and so on. Available free of charge for Android and iPhone (iOS) system users.


Now that you know which are the best apps to view live satellite images, don’t waste any more time! Go to Google Play Store or App Store right now and download one of the apps!

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