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Only those who have some insecurity or fear about driving motor vehicles know how bad it is not knowing what to do behind the wheel. Learn to drive now on mobile.

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How bad it is to feel pressured, judged and even diminished… But… Did you know that there are some apps in the most renowned app stores that teach you how to drive on your cell phone? Would you be interested in an app that teaches driving on mobile?

That’s right!

With an app in the palm of your hand, you can answer some questions that can help you in different situations, and still practice without leaving your home. Doesn’t it look amazing?

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We’ve made a list of the best apps available for you to train, both theoretically and practically, and get your long-awaited driver’s license, which can bring you the confidence and independence you need.

This confidence and independence can help you achieve many other goals, albeit indirectly.

It is important to remember that none of these applications replaces the study and work developed by official institutions and transit agencies in each country.

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As each country has a different set of rules, it is very important to inform yourself and go after the correct documentation for each specific case.

Driving School – Car and car simulator

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This is considered one of the best apps to learn to drive today. It simply has all the rules and regulations you should know and respect as a driver, no matter where in the world you are.

Dr. guide 2

 This app is great for learning to drive real cars, because in it you can drive a vehicle in first person and comply with all the traffic rules if you want to earn points.

Bottle test

This app can help you with the theoretical part of driving. It’s worth a try if you want to learn to drive by making the most of these tests and expanding your knowledge of the automotive world.

DGT Test 2021 – Praticotest

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This is the perfect app for those people who need to improve their ability to read road signs a little, as it has more than 3,500 driving tests, which is great to help you practice.

DGT driving test

The application merges both the part of the exams and the ability to interpret plates.

Driving The application has a vast library of manuals, videos, up-to-date tests and all the material necessary for your preparation when obtaining your driver’s license.

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Car simulator

The simulator is a very complete and varied application. In it, you will be able to test your driving skills, always trying to respect the signs and all other traffic rules.

Learn to drive now on mobile.


This app has surprisingly more than one thousand tests updated and officially used in various driving schools around the world, which makes it very attractive.

So… Are you ready to start training and, in the future, get your driver’s license?