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Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s lives.

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We use them to stay connected, browse the internet, connect with friends and perform a range of other tasks.

However, with the convenience of smartphones also comes the risk of cyber threats such as viruses and malware, which are quite common nowadays.

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Therefore, it is essential to protect your phone with mobile antivirus software to ensure the safety of your personal information.

We developed this text to alert you and help you understand what you can do to protect your phone with mobile antivirus.

A mobile antivirus software is designed to detect and remove malware from your smartphone.

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It provides a layer of security against malicious software that can steal your personal information, slow down your device, or even render it unusable. Quite worrying, isn’t it?

5 best apps to install:

Avira Security Antivirus & VPN

You can get security, privacy and boost your device’s performance with just one app: Avira Free Antivirus for Android. This is an all-in-one antivirus solution for Android users and it comes free.

Avira’s independent tests show very impressive results. This antivirus software catches 99% of malware threats and does not mark false positives.

Also, the app is very intuitive. The verification option and security status are shown on the main screen. Security features are all grouped together and easily accessible at the bottom of the dashboard.

Avira antivirus scans apps and files for malware, spyware and other cyber threats targeting Android devices.

Furthermore, it is capable of identifying privacy vulnerabilities to help you improve your security. It also provides identity protection that scans the dark web for potential data leaks.

On top of that, you also get a VPN for secure browsing, a call blocker to avoid scammers, and an app lock for privacy.

Kaspersky Security & VPN

Kaspersky is a great free security application available on the internet for Android users. Despite only offering a few free features, it is very simple to use. You just need to enable permissions when installing the app, and press the SCAN button when you want to scan the device.

The negative side of the app is that in the free version, it doesn’t offer a real-time scan. Despite this, it offers anti-theft protection, which makes it possible to lock your phone and see its location on the Kaspersky website, on your smartwatch or on the Kaspersky desktop app.

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McAfee Security: VPN Antivirus

This antivirus is available on many computers, as well as a good version for Android devices. In the free version, it has protection against malware and spyware, as well as a quick scan of digital threats.

Already in the premium version, it also prevents phishing.

In addition, this free version has anti-theft features, which includes location alert and remote blocking of smartphone functions.

Finally, McAfee offers protection for unknown Wi-Fi networks, optimization of battery usage, as well as creating a backup of contacts.

Avast Antivirus & Security

Another protection option is AVG Antivirus & Security. It scored AV-Test top marks with 100% protection for the real-time and generalized malware tests. There’s a lot to like about AVG’s free Android app.

It can scan apps and files, clean junk files and check your current Wi-Fi network. In addition, it has malicious website protection, a “RAM booster” that kills apps in the background, a Wi-Fi speed test, and an anti-theft feature to track and secure your phone remotely. This last feature requires an AVG account.

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TotalAV Antivirus and VPN

TotalAV is the perfect free antivirus for Android devices if you want a bunch of extra features. In general, the app promises to catch 100% of malware threats.

TotalAV Android is very easy to use for beginners and experienced antivirus users alike. All features are clearly grouped together and are very accessible.

In addition, you get key information about your security level right on the dashboard.

The free app includes a data breach checker, to see if any of your information has been leaked.

The app will also greatly improve your device’s performance by freeing up your device’s memory and deleting cached files and duplicate photos.

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Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi checker feature will assess whether the Wi-Fi you are using is secure.

In conclusion, protecting your phone with mobile antivirus software is essential.. By following these tips, you can ensure the safety of your personal information and device from cyber threats.

Remember to choose reputable antivirus software, keep it up to date, use strong passwords, be wary of suspicious links and attachments, only download apps from trusted sources, enable two-factor authentication, and use a VPN. Stay safe online!

Go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps!

We hope you enjoyed the tips for you to protect your cell phone with mobile antivirus. Feel free to read other posts on our site.

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