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Meet animals that don’t need water to survive, it’s strange to imagine some living being that doesn’t need water.

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We all know how essential water is for our body to be able to fulfill its functions.

Every human being needs water, and a reasonable amount every day to live without problems.

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And we’re talking about something more than kidney function, water is essential for life.

However, this is not just the reality of human beings, living beings need water to live.

However, these animals do not need even a drop of water to survive. Did you find it curious? Meet the animals that don’t need water and manage to survive without problems.

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4. Australian Green Tree Frog

At first, we are talking about an Australian frog, in general, frogs do not drink a lot of water.

Since they live in rivers and absorb water through their skin. However, this species uses a different method to always stay hydrated.

Its natural habitat is in warmer environments, however, it looks for milder places before going to its common environment.

In this way, with this temperature contrast, it manages to produce water droplets. So your hydration takes place, don’t understand the process yet?

It’s like filling a glass of ice water on hot days, water droplets collect on the outside of the glass. Thus, the Australian frog survives without drinking even a drop of water.

3. Kangaroo rat

The Kangaroo rat is one of the animals that do not need water to survive. They survive without having to drink even a drop of water.

Although we call this species a mouse, it is not exactly a mouse. It is a rodent, in fact there are more than 22 different species of rodents.

This species is native to North America, specifically to more arid places. They live that way, in the driest regions of the desert, managing to live without drinking a single drop of water.

They use the existing liquids in seeds, which their metabolism manages to transform into water.

With kidneys capable of making the most of this liquid, the rats manage to live without drinking any water at all.

2. Thorny devil

At first, this is another animal of Australian origin, with a peculiar appearance and way of life that didn’t call attention.

Found in desert regions, this is an animal that does not need to drink water, nor use water from food to survive.

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You can see that the texture of the thorny devil’s body is different, with this texture it can store water. As well, it uses its body as a way of absorbing water to survive.

However, he does not drink a single drop of water. It is interesting to see how each animal uses its body as a way to absorb the water it needs.

Even if they don’t need to ingest it, they absorb it in some clever way.

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1. Giraffe gazelle

This is an animal found in the arid regions of the African continent.

It is easy to discover the reason for having giraffe in its name, with the thinner and longer neck, the identification was simple.


With the ability to live for a lifetime without tasting a single drop of water, this animal is special. Water is obtained only through food, that is, through plants.

In addition, through their nasal cavity, they manage to maintain the moisture necessary for life.

Despite being an apparently slender animal, the gazelle is very sedentary, saving little by spending the water it obtained in food.