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It is amazing the varied amount of needs that human beings have. What is also impressive is the number of apps that exist to fulfill this needs. Do you happen to know how to take x-rays using your cell phone?

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We have developed an article thinking of you and this topic! We have developed a step-by-step list for you to see how easy it is. Trust us! Read our list and enjoy!

Xray Scanner Prank

Xray Scanner Prank has the X-ray simulator so you can play with friends and family, so you can visualize different body members such as: head, hands and torso, since everything is done through your cell phone.

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Primarily, the platform is available for free in the Android and IOS versions, so you can join in the fun by looking at different dynamic images of the body part.

See how to use the app! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, download the app and then open it;

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Step 2: Click on the “Scan” option, right after positioning with your cell phone camera the part of the body you want to perform the x-ray, as well as: hand, head, chest, among others.

Step 3: After performing X-ray, add effects and move the cell phone up and down;

Step 4: In any of the members’ choices, the step will be the same as step 3.

Step 5: Right after editing, you can share it on your social networks.

Done! Now just use the app to simulate the x-ray for your family and friends! They will think it’s funny!


Parasites Xray Scanner Prank

At first, Parasites Xray Scanner Prank presents a fun way of doing the simulation in such a way that the user, when starting the X-ray of any part of the body, the platform shows in the image some parasites in the body.

In addition, you can play the game in a more frightening way by playing tricks on your friends by sending the image on WhatsApp or, if you prefer, on Facebook, thus having fun with the comments.

X-ray scanner simulator

Similarly, the X-Ray Scanner Simulator has a simple and easy functionality, since the user will access the cell phone camera and direct it to a part of the body, in order to perceive its x-ray and thus visualize all the details.

Surprisingly, you will be able to add accessories like spiders and nails, so that you can play your creativity by customizing the image in a funny or scary way.

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It’s important to reminder that all apps in this list are for fun – and not for real use. In case of need an x-ray for your body, consult a doctor.

Now that you know all of this, go straight to the Google Play Store or App Store! Use the downloaded app to have fun with your family and friends!

We hope you enjoyed our post and see you on the next one! Feel free to read our other articles on our website. Bye bye!